Giantess Becky Commands You to Choke Your Tiny Cock for Her

In her sky-high thigh boots, Giantess Becky towers over you. Becky trash talks you for being such a tiny little twerp. Once your face is burning with shame, Becky orders you to pull out your pathetic little pud. OMG shrimpy! Look how tiny you are! It’s smaller than Becky’s pinky! Becky commands you to jerk it and make it squirt for her!
enlarged_0000_000330_23bkgiant_1_despeckle.jpg enlarged_0001_000330_23bkgiant_3.jpg enlarged_0002_000330_23bkgiant_4.jpg enlarged_0003_000330_23bkgiant_5.jpg enlarged_0004_000330_23bkgiant_6.jpg

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