Your Cruel Intern Humiliatrix Tessa Destroys Your Date

You did something really stupid, little bossy man. You made a date without getting permission from your college intern. Are you trying to grow a pair of balls and a backbone? Did you forget that Tessa controls every aspect of your life? Looks like you’re going to have to be punished and humiliated for your little lapse in judgment. Hand Tessa your cell. Then get on your knees and beg. Beg Tessa not to tell your date all your embarrassing sexual secrets. 

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2 thoughts on “Your Cruel Intern Humiliatrix Tessa Destroys Your Date

  1. Anonymous

    tessa is a goddess, and she deserves your complete devotion. do as your told little sissy and sign up for and you will know your true place in life at her sexy heels. – jessica

  2. Anonymous

    Agreed Tessa really is a Goddess, and has me complete devotion. I dont mind showing my devotion to her and in public as an out and proud member of this glorious site 🙂

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