Monthly Archives: May 2019

You Are Goddess Vika’s Plugged & Pantyhosed Office Sissy

“As your new boss, I need to put you firmly in your place. First I’m going to ram a reminder of who makes the rules in this office, straight up your ass. You’re going to wear a butt plug to work, encased by these high-waisted pantyhose. And if I ever catch you leering at my long sexy legs…?”

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Goddess Tessa Uses and Abuses You as Her Cucky Playtoy

“My fiancee wanted us to adopt a little pet but I told him I already have a docile little playtoy of a pet, who sleeps at the foot of my bed, begs, heels, and obeys all my commands. So. Are you ready to serve your new master and mistress? He’s a very strict disciplinarian, so you’ll have to work hard to please him…”

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Princess Ashleigh Demands You Do a Goddess Worship Assignment

“I want you addicted to my beauty. I want you crippled by my commands. I want you up all night tonite, watching every one of my devastating videos. Over and over. So that you wake up a sleep-deprived, Ashleigh-obsessed wreck. With blueballs and a tiny throbbing cock. And then do you know what you’re going to do…?”

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