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Mistress Kendra James Is Your Utlimate Strap-On Goddess

“Once I tease and seduce you back to my bedroom? Once I slip the straps around your wrists and ankles, and coax the gag into your mouth? You’re mine. All mine. My favorite part of the night? The precious look in your eyes, as I strap on my eleven-inch cock and begin lubing the shaft, as I saunter up behind you…”


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Tiffani Strips out of Her Dress After Cuckolding You All Night Long

“Guess what I did tonight? I went out with my girlfriends and a hot guy asked me to dance. I could feel his huge cock brushing up against me and it was SO much bigger than yours, I let him fuck me. Now you’re going to watch me strip and peel down my ripped up pantyhose, before I feed you your sloppy seconds…”


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Goddess Selena Entrances You Deep into Submission to Her

“I want to enslave you to every unattainable curve of my body. I want you entranced by my beauty until you are nothing but a puddle of drool at my feet, ready to do anything I command, no matter how humiliating. All you have to do is watch. And in a few minutes you will be Selena’s submissive puppet on my gold string…”


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Remi Smothers Your Face Until She Turns You into Her Ass Clown

“These are the shorts I wore the first time you saw me, back when I was in school. The first time your knees buckled, the first time your worthless little cock poked up in your pants for me. Want to worship me in these flimsy cotton shorts again — as I trashtalk you down to toilet paper status? Of course you do…”



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Goddess Tessa Uses Her Open-Toe Sandals to Weaken You to Tears

“I know you dream about being my personal foot slave. To maintain my shoe collection, pay for my pedicures, and give me toe kisses when you’re a good little foot slave. No, you don’t get that. Not until you earn it. Are you on your hands and knees for me? Are you ready to prove your devotion to me?…”



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SPH: Mistress Kendra Discovers Why You’re So Timid Around Girls

“Why are you so shy around girls? I think I have an idea. But I thought I’d give you the chance to impress me. That’s right. I’m granting you a charity fuck. Join me here on the bed, unzip, and take your Mistress from behind. And you better please me. Or else I will reach between your legs and emasculate you. Without mercy…”



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Your Wife Becky’s Conservative Friend Tiffani Locks You in Chastity

“Your wife Becky told me you’re unemployed, play video games and watch porn all day, AND you expect her to give you a ‘morning BJ’ before she leaves for work?! No more! Becky invited me over after church so I can flick you down to size and lock you into chastity for her. Pull down your pajama bottoms, filthy little man…”



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Bikini Brat Missy Sneers at Your Desperation Boner

“Dorks with boners make me laugh. So I came back from the pool for a few minutes just to put a little bulge in your pants and smirk at the desperate look on your face. Wanna rub my butt with baby oil? Maybe slip off my high heels to lick my toes clean. I’m not going to let you. But you can still BEG…”



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Your Angry Neighbor Kendra Turns ‘Mr Peeper’ into Her Jerk-Puppet

“Hey, pervert! I set up a camera and have surveillance video of you peeping in my window as you jerk your little cock to me. Unless you want that video going to the authorities, you’re gonna be my jerk-puppet. You’re going to slap your face, spank yourself, pump your pecker and humiliate yourself at my command…”



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Princess Amber Forcefeeds the Fat Fuck His Disgusting Pig Snot

“Look at you, you smelly, disgusting blubber ball. Look how hot I am and look what a flabby, pathetic pigpen you are. You smell like a filthy garbage pail and your fridge is like a dumpster. Gross. No wonder you can’t get a girl. You’re gonna jerk off into this jar of mayo and then I’m gonna feed you your own pig snot…”



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