Monthly Archives: April 2016

Your Chastity Check-in Session with Sadistic Goddess Selena

“Your wife asked me to check in on you while she’s away with her boyfriend. Is your chastity cage nice and tight, little boy blueballs? Let me see. Aww. Why don’t I take off my sexy shoes so you can suck on my toes while your wife is enjoying the taste of her boyfriend’s big thick monster cock. Suck it for Selena, cucky..”



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Tiffani and Becky Torment Your Caged Cock with Tits, Tongue & Toes

“Once you’re locked into chastity, we know that all you think about is cumming. How would you like to cum for us? We’re not gonna let you, of course, but we want you to die a thousand deaths inside your penis prison while we lick, flick and stick your caged cock where ever we want, as we laugh at your frustration…”


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Your Dominant Boss Akira Takes Control of Your Cock and Cumloads

“As your boss, I control you. I tell you when to work, when to eat and when to CUM. Oh, yes. I see the way your little peepee pokes up in your pants at my cleavage and sexy legs. I can’t have you distracted at work, so we will start each day with you filling your doggie dish with all your puppy squirts. For me. Just like this…”



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Princess Heather Allows You to Become Her Sissy Bath Slave

“The bad news? I could never take you seriously as a boyfriend. The good news? I need a sissy bath slave. Someone to pamper me and prepare me for my dates. You’ll bathe me, towel me dry, paint my toenails. That’s what you get because that’s what you deserve. If you please me, I’ll give you a special humiliating treat…”



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Missy Bullies You into Sucking & Swallowing in Her Sorority House

“Don’t try to play bashful. I know your filthy secret. So you can either get on your knees right now and admit that you want to suck dick and swallow cum for Missy. Admit you need bossy women like me and my sorority sisters to hold your mouth open and make you do it. Unless you want me to blackmail you first….?”



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Your Ultimate Chastity Release Humiliation with Cruel Princess Remi

“The good news? I’m letting you out of chastity today AND letting you cum. The bad news? You have to cum MY way, as I violate, abuse and destroy you. You have to do every humiliating task I give you, no matter how degrading, or else? I’m going to lock that throbbing sissy clit of yours away for another three weeks….”


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Bikini Bitches Amy and Amber Taunt You into Humping Your Pillow

“When you’re not making worship puddles or giving yourself a facial, you’re doing something even more pathetic: humping your pillow. We want you to show us how you do it. We’ll even bounce up and down with you to enourage you. Encourage you into humiliating yourself right in front of us. Humpy bitch boy…”


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Selena Grinds on Your Cucky Cage Before Fucking Her Man

“My new boyfriend is going to give me a good hard fucking tonight, just the way I like it. And what are you going to do, cucky? First you’re going to fluff my pussy for him as I grind my pantyhose ass all over your face and caged cock. Then? You get to cry the cucky precum tears while he takes my pussy and fucks me….”



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