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You Will Always Be Cheerleader Amy’s Toe-Kissing Homework Nerd

“You had such a crush on me back in school. And all I did was crush your hopes and humiliate you. But it was super-nice of me to let you be my ‘homework nerd.’ Wasn’t it, loser? I let you do all my assignments in exchange for worshiping my feet. Do you still jerk off into the stinky ankle socks I let you have? I bet you do. Dork…”


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Goddess Tessa Sends You to Your Knees to Proclaim Your Servitude

“If you truly want to devote yourself to me, you need to be on your knees in my presence. Only boyfriends and real men get to stand before me. So, get on your hands and knees where you belong, crawl to me, and let me hear your devotion to me. Repeat after me, ‘Yes, Goddess Tessa, I am not worthy…”


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Step-Dommy Tiffani Tricks You into Becoming Her Chastity Sissy

“So, you have a new girlfriend. I heard she teased you into chastity. Well, guess who has the key? I do. Step-Dommy Tiffani. See, I paid that cute girl to seduce you into chastity, so that I could turn you into my helplessly obedient sissy and take total control of you. It’s time to put on your panties and plug for Step-Dommy…”


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Your MILF Neighbor Kobe Humiliates You for Jerking Off to Her

“I see you touching yourself from the little peephole in your blinds when I’m sunning myself by the pool. And now I’m going to humiliate you for it — unless you’d rather have me blackmail you. You’re going to report to my bedroom so I can make a humiliation video of you pumping your little cock as I belittle you…”


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Your Date with Princess Missy Leaves You Emasculated for Life

“My sorority wants us to do something for charity. So I said I’d go on a date with a pathetic, desperate dork: you, loser. That’s right. I’m taking you back to my place tonite. You look nervous. You should be. Because when I finish with you? You’re gonna be emasculated down to your panties. And scarred for life…”


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Sydney Lee Subjects You to a Humiliating ‘Sissy Experiment’

“I’m going to use you as a subject in my psychology class to see what kind of a man you are. My own theory is that you are a raging, closet case sissy. If I’m wrong, you get to keep your dignity and masculinity. But if I’m right? You’re going to be left a thoroughly humiliated sissy whore ragdoll for all to see. Ready?…”


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Governess Becky Prepares You for Your First Spanking

“I might be younger than you but I’m clearly the one in control. I’m the authority figure, I’m in charge and I make the rules. And as Governess Becky, I’m going to be restricting your internet time and inspecting your underpants, little man. If I find anything naughty I’m going to take you across my knee for a spanking…”



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Your Sadistic Bride Remi Humiliates You on Your Honeymoon Night

“What would it be like to be married to a genuine Humiliatrix like Princess Remi? Your humiliation would start on our wedding night. In the honeymoon suite. Oh. D-D-D-Did you and your desperation boner think you’d get to do dirty things with my perfect, worship-worthy butt? Silly husband. Strip for me. NOW…”


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Tiffani Destroys Your Date by Making You Blow it in Your Pants

“I heard you have a big date tonight! Wouldn’t it be funny if you blew your big date by blowing a loser load into your pants just minutes before you go to meet her? What if I used your fetishes against you? Do you think you could resist me? Or are you going to break for me and blow it in your pants like the loser you are?…”


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