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Golddigger Heather Drains Your Credit Cards and Your Little Cock

“I love the dress you got me for New Year’s Eve. My boyfriend is going to love it too — love ripping off my pantyhose to fuck me in it. He gets my pussy. And what do you get for all the money you spent on me? You get to kneel in front of your dog dish and beg to drain your sputtering little cock before I ditch you for the night…”

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Selena Makes You Swallow His Cum for Sliming Your Sissy Panties

“You can crawl out from under the bed. My stud is gone. Were you wriggling around in your sissy panties all night while he fucked me? Strip those panties off and let me see them. If I find one smear of sissy slime in your punishment panties, I’m going to make you swallow his massive cumload. Now strip, little miss cucky panties…”

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Agony Arousal: Cocktease Trance Dance with Goddess Selena

“I lied to you. I told you I was gonna let you fuck your fist and cum for me. Instead? I counted you down from 10 to 1 and then locked your throbbing dick into a chastity cage. Now it’s time to really make you suffer. I’m going to tease that caged cock with my tits, ass, legs and feet until I own you: dick, balls, body and soul…”

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Goddess Selena Coaxes You into Creaming Your Fist for Her

“Your worthless little package is about to become my property all over again. By the time I finish arousing and manipulating you, you will be a puppet on Selena’s gold chain, a puppy on Selena’s pink leash. You will cum when Goddess gives you the command. On my countdown, when I snap my fingers…”

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Your Dominant Boss Selena Demotes You Down Under Her Desk

“You better lose the attitude. Because I’m your new boss, bitch boy. If you want to keep your job, you can start begging me. On your knees. Yes, I am totally serious. In fact, I want you to get all the way under my desk and beg for your job — while you lick the bottoms of my high heels. You heard me. NOW…”

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Goddess Selena Taunts and Teases You as She Prepares for a Date

“Look at you. Drooling with your dick poking up in your pants as I get ready for a date. You make me laugh. Staring at my big tits, your dick throbbing as I bend over to gloss my lips. That desperation boner of yours is a pitiful sight. Because you’re not getting anything tonight. It’s ALL for him, none for you…”

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Selena Dominates and Abuses Men Like You for Her Sexual Pleasure

“I love turning smart-ass men into my unwitting submissives. It gets me wet to slap you around, shove you down and straddle your face — just like the very first time I orgasmed. So. Are you going to wriggle, struggle and mumble for mercy when I pin you down and rough-ride your face in the Goddess victory position?…”

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Leg Worship, Butt Kisses and Cock Teasing with Princess Missy

“I tried on six of my sexiest outfits to make you so insanely desperate and weak for me that you’ll stay up all night jerking your little dicklette RAW as you drool over my legs and dream of kissing my ass. How many loads of sissy cream do you think you’re going to be licking up for me by the time I get thru with you?…”

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Cuckold Princess Sari Emasculates You with a Humiliating Foot Job

“Your rival won the award. So he gets to have me. You get the consolation prize. To kiss the toes I had pedicured today. To beg me not to fuck him. To stare up my skirt at the pussy that no longer belongs to you. Maybe I’ll take pity on you and give you a foot job. Not a sensual foot job, but a humiliating foot job, like this…”

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Goddess Tessa Coldly Considers Your Chastity Release Request

“I don’t have all day to listen to your whining. So get down on your hands and knees and tell me what it is you want me to do. And — if you’re not willing to put my needs above yours? If you’re not prepared to humiliate yourself in front of me right now? We have nothing to talk about. So go on. Speak. I’m listening…”

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