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Your New Boss Missy Turns You into Her Submissive Office Slave

“Even though I’m way younger than you I am your new boss. To prove you accept my authority over you, you’re going to wear panties and a butt plug to work every day and THIS: a chastity cage. If you kiss my heels and worship my feet like a good bitch boy, I’ll let you drain your little cock for me — and then lick it up…”

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Becky and Tiffani Bully You into Cocksucking and Cum Swallowing

“When you finish playacting and faking it as a real man in front of your family and at work, you’re going to strip and put on panties and high heels for your princesses, so we can fuck your face with a big bad cock and then command you to blow your little loser load all over your face as we laugh at you. The real you, sissy…”

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He Gets Danielle’s Tight Hot Pussy and Cucky Gets the Dog Dish

“Your boss gets my pussy. Because he’s more virile and successful than you. What do you get? You get to buy the outfits I use to tease his cock. You get to fluff my pussy before I fuck him. And, every once in a while, you get to kneel in front of your dog dish and plead to jerk it and lick it all up for me. Your Goddess…”

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Agony Arousal Test: Which Stockings Make You Weakest for Tessa?

“Which of my stockings is most likely to break you down and make you beg to transfer all your assets to me, when I remove my stiletto and use my silk-shrouded toe to tickle the tip of your cock cage, as I am about to do? Is it my black fishnets or my creamy white sheer stockings? Let’s find out…”

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Sorority Princess Remi Gives You a Vicious Punishment Fucking

“Come to my sorority house straight after work. Strip down to your chastity cage, put on your humiliation panties and stand in the hallway outside my room until I get back from the gym. Make sure your ass is clean and plugged. Because I am going to put you in your place tonight and fuck you like a rag doll…”

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Confess Your Lust for Cock to Cuckoldress Princess Kobe

“I know you’re jealous that I fuck my boyfriend while you wear a chastity cage. I thought you were jealous of HIM. But you’re actually jealous of ME. That I get to take his big dick deep inside me. You wish you were the one with his cock jizzing down your throat. Tell the truth. I want your cock confession. Now…”

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Becky and Tiffani Force You to Fuck Your Pigsnot-Crusted Pillow

“Eewwww! You are a filthy, disgusting oink pig. And you don’t ever get to cum unless you are in the act of humiliating yourself while we degrade you and laugh at you. So, you’re gonna plug your ass, and wriggle around on your humpy pillow, until we decide we’ve abused you enough to give you the cum command…”

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Missy Rejects You and Taunts You to Ask One of Her Toes for a Date

“Are you seriously asking me out? There’s no way I’d hook up with a pathetic little boner boy foot wimp like you. But since you’re so turned on by my cute little toes, why don’t you ask one of them out for a date? Do it. Who knows. Maybe she’ll let you kiss her. Maybe she’ll even tickle your little cock and let you cum…”

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Your Dominant Boss Akira Coerces You to Suck a Client’s Cock

“We are going to nail this contract at any cost and you are going to help me. I am going to seduce our client, get his cock rock hard, get him blind drunk, and then YOU are going to come crawling in to finish him off for me. You’re going to suck his cock and swallow his load like the perfect little slut. Or be fired. Let’s practice…”

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Princess Heather Ridicules and Abuses Your Worthless Little Cock

“I’m so hot for cock right now. I’m gonna let you fuck my DD titties and then mount me from behind so you can fuck me good and hard. Maybe I’ll finish you off with a blowjob… What’s the matter with you? Why do you look so nervous? Take out your cock for me. I said, show me your cock, NOW…”

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