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Alexis Grace Turns You into Her Sissy Ragdoll Fucktoy

“I know you’ve creamed your panties to my hardcore strap-on videos, yet you’re too much of a wussy to book a real life session with me. That’s too bad because I love popping straight boy sissy cherries. And in this humiliation session, I’m gonna show you exactly how I prime and peg a closet fuckbrat like you…”

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Tessa Taunts You to Tug on the Strings of Her Bikini Bottoms

“Would you like to tug on the strings of my bikini bottoms? With your teeth? Even if I let you, there’s still the matter of your chastity cage. Aww. So pathetic. You can’t even have me in your dreams. Unlike my boyfriend. Who’s gonna be pulling down my bikini bottoms as soon as I finish tormenting you…”

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Remi Reduces You from Panty Sissy to Dick-Sucking Submissive

“Once I put you into my panty trance, it’s over for you. You will wear panties for me. You will force that pink butt plug between your cheeks. You will drop to your knees. You will suck the heels of my shoes. You will admit you want to suck cock for me. And then you will prove it for Princess Remi. Isn’t that right….?”

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Kendra’s BJ Promise Turns into a Humiliating Sissy Facial for You

“I’ve got cock lust tonight. If I unlock your chastity cage and unfurl you, do you think you can make my eyes widen and my pussy wet? If you can, I will reward you with an exquisite blow job and a night in bed with me. If not? I’m going to punish and humiliate you until your face is drenched in your own sissy slime…”

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Princess Katie Lets You Ask Her Adorable Butt out on a Date

“Wait. You want to ask ME out on a date? Are you serious? Let me tell you exactly what I think about that. And then, when I finish treating you like the toilet paper you are? You can ask my adorable butt out on a date. Go ahead. Get on your knees and do it. Maybe she’ll say ‘yes.’ Maybe she’ll even let you French kiss her…”

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Missy Makes You Cream Her Panties Before Locking You in Chastity

“You thought you were the authority figure in our relationship, but who’s in charge now? All because of those crippling weaknesses of yours. LOL. Yep, it was me who convinced your woman to cheat on you. And me who’s about to lock your sputtering little cock into chastity. After you seal your fate – into my panties…”

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Bikini Goddesses Tiffani & Becky Re-Addict You to

“We are going to poison your little pea brain with Princess perfume until you are on your knees with your little dick in your fist, awaiting the cum command as we point at you, ridicule you, and turn you back into our jerk-addicted slap toy. You don’t get to cum until you are a stuttering muttering helpless little fuckwit…”

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Remi Rejects You and Reveals What She Wants in a Real Man

“I don’t like wishy-washy, mealy-mouth indecisive wimps — like you. I want a man who’s tough and hard and strong. Like your rival. I let him fuck me today, just to see what it would be like. And I LOVED it. I loved it so much that I wanted you to have a taste of my experience. I know you’re gonna love it too, sissy…”

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Tessa Explains Why You’re Destined to Be Plugged, Pantied & Caged

“You pretend to be masculine on the outside. But I can see right through you. You’re just a weak little sissy on the inside. You were born to wear a plug, panties and chastity cage. All I need to put you in your place, at the foot of my bed is to stare you down. And intimidate you into your sissy panties. Just like this…”

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Sadistic Kendra Seduces You into Going All-the-Way Gay for Her

“I suppose I did promise I was going to go all-the-way with you. Let you lose your virginity to me. I wasn’t lying, darling. I’m taking you all the way tonight. All the way gay, that is. Once I have my way with you in the bedroom, with my strap-on cock? You’re going to be an eager little fuck bunny for all the boys…”

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