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Sadistic Princess Missy Volunteers to Be Your Keyholder

“When your girlfriend told me she was going away for a couple of weeks, I offered to hold the key to your chastity cage for her. I’ll be coming over to your place every day, on my way back from the pool, in my bikini, to make sure that cock cage is locked securely around your little dick and balls…”

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Tessa Makes You Shave Sissy-Smooth for Your Panty Punishment

“When I feel your testosterone level rising through your chastity cage I know exactly what to do: emasculate you with sissy panties. You’re going to shave and powder yourself girly-smooth and then put on this supremely humiliating pair of panties. Give me any attitude and I will make you do a panty-curtsey for my boyfriend…”

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You Must Wear a Chastity Cage to Be Princess Becky’s Hair Slave

“I need a hair slave. Someone to brush my waist-length hair, lather my tresses with shampoo and conditioner in the shower and take me to my salon appointments. I obviously can’t trust you to do any of that unless you are wearing a tight, confining chastity cage. Only then can you play with my long, lusty locks…”

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Bikini Bitch Remi Catches You Jerking and Taunts You into Cumming

“You pathetic dork. Are you sneaking around in my room, sniffing my panties, about to jerk off with my body lotion? Well, here I am loser. Come on, you little coward. I’m standing in front of you in my bikini. Finish jerking your boner while I stare at you. I’m not asking you, idiot. I’m commanding you. Or else..”

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Miss Kendra Humiliates You with Her Boyfriend’s Alpha Male Cum

“Here, sissy-sissy! You can come out of the closet now. My boyfriend’s gone. Did you hear me moaning and screaming his name? Did you hear us laughing at you? He left you a few presents. And now I’m to going to unlock you from your chastity cage so that I can humiliate you with his gooey hot bullcock cum…”

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Your Ultimate Sissification Test with Sadistic Brat Princess Katie

“We’re gonna find out for sure if there’s any tiny trace of a man in you or whether you are 100 percent sissy bitch. I’m gonna strap on a dildo, pin you to the bed and peg your ass good and hard. If you cum when I’m giving you your punishment fucking? There will be no doubt what you are…”

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Tessa Explains Why She Has to Bully, Control and Humiliate You

“Aw, am I mean to you? Is that what you think? That I dominate, manipulate and control you? That I belittle you and ridicule you? That I promise you things and then take them back? That I expect everything from you in exchange for nothing from me? That I’m sadistic and cruel to you, just for my amusement? Poor baby…”

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This Little Piggy: You Are Princess Heather’s Dirty Little Piglet

“I love the new fuck-me shoes you bought for me, piggy. You don’t get to fuck me in them, silly oinky. But I will let you put on your pig nose and crawl to me on your hands and knees so we can play a fun game of ‘This Little Piggy.’ Fun for me. Totally humiliating for you, piggy…”

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Step Dommy Kendra Milks You Mercilessly Dry in Your Chastity Cage

“You’ve been a bad little bitch. Surly and sarcastic, throwing tantrums. All because I’ve had you locked in chastity. Well, Miss Pouty Pants, since you’ve been such a brat you’re getting bent over Mommy’s knee and milked. I’m going to slide my way in, and tickle your sissy spot until you cream your cage for Mommy…”

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Frig Your Sissy Clit and Cum in Your Panties for Princess Tiffani

“Want to cum for me today? You don’t get to do it like a man. I want you to wear a tight pair of sissy panties all day. Then, tonite? I’m gonna teach you to ‘frig’ your ‘clit’ over the silky fabric of your panties so that you can cum like a girl. You’re gonna squeal and say, ‘I’m Princess Tiffani’s naughty sissy’ when you cum…”

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