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Princess Sari Teases and Taunts Your Laughable Little Penis

“I want you to unzip and try to impress me. Do you have the kind of cock that’s gonna get me wet? Or do you have a tiny little dicklette, made for taunting? Will I be rolling a huge XL condom over your monster dick so you can fuck me? Or will I be commanding you to piddle your little fist as I humiliate you?…”

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Cruel Kendra Releases You from Chastity to Humiliate You in Bed

“Does it make you ache in your chastity cage, seeing me in the honeymoon lingerie I wore to seduce your daddums? Are you jealous, listening to me moan for him, unable to even touch yourself? Aw. Poor baby wants his chance in the big bed. Well, here, I’ll unlock you from chastity, sweetie… to humiliate you…”

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Princess Remi Strips You of Your Manhood Completely

“My intention is to verbally castrate you, violate your prissy boundaries and strip you of your manhood, so that you can’t get an erection unless you are wearing panties, pillow-humping, sucking a penis and swallowing cum. I’m guessing it’s going to take me ten minutes til you’re licking the cream from your sissy panties for me…”

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Purple Nails on Blueballs: Princess Tessa Torments You to Tears

“Have you noticed that my exquisite fingernails and toenails are the very same color of your poor pathetic blueballs? I keep my hands and feet creamy white and my nails dark purple to keep you aching for what you will never get from me: mercy. My hands and feet are instruments of torment, to tease and deny you…”

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Brat Domme Becky Makes You Give Yourself a Sissy Facial

“When you see me putting on my black thigh boots you start to get weak. When I zip them up it brings you to your knees. When I point to the heel it makes you crawl. Now it’s time to take your training one step further. After you lick my domme boots and suck the heel, you’re going to be primed to fuck your own face, sissy…”

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Step Dommy Kendra Teases You into Your First Pair of Sissy Panties

“You look so confused, darling. Always trying to sneak peeks up my skirts when I cross my long elegant legs. But I don’t think it’s what’s beneath my panties that you’re after. I think it’s my soft silky panties themselves that fascinate you. And now I’m going to turn you into my very own subservient panty sissy…”

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Princess Jade: How to Break Up with a Shrimp Dick Crybaby Loser

“Why should I just dump you when I can humiliate the fuck out of you and THEN dump you? Like, compare your shrimp dick to your friend’s huge cock, show you the condom he used to fuck me, rub it in your face, make you eat his cum, and command you to jerk into his dirty condom before I break up with you for good…”

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Tessa Parlays Your Desperation to Cum into Pedicure Slavery

“Since your already down on your hands and knees, begging, pleading and drooling over me in my bikini, why don’t you make yourself useful. I need a pedi slave. Think you can handle it? If you can make my toes as perfect as I am, maybe I’ll free you from your chastity cage — for twenty or thirty seconds…”

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Amazon Alexis Dangles You like a Jerk-Puppet from Her String

“Look how tiny you are down there beneath me. You’re like my little puppet on a string. I could make you do anything I want, puppet. Smother you with my ass and smoosh you under my shoe. Make you beg to worship my amazon legs and pussy — then make you jerk that tiny little puppet pecker for me..”

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Miss Kendra Begins Your Transformation into Her Chastity Sissy

“Once I tease you to your knees with my silky legs and coax my stiletto heel into your mouth, it won’t be long before I can lock you into chastity and do anything I wish with you. And what does Step Dommy Kendra want? To tease, manipulate and transform you into becoming my helplessly submissive sissy…”

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