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Your Furious Wife Amy Becomes Your Domestic Dominatrix

“So, you want to be humiliated by a dominatrix? You’re living with one, you idiot. I read your pathetic little fantasies. I always knew you were weak, but I didn’t know I was married to a dick-sucking wanna-be. Isn’t that precious. Your dream is about to come true — like it or not. Get on your hands and knees. NOW…”

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The First Time Cruel Kendra Seduced You into Swallowing Cum

“Your protests after I first started cheating on you made me laugh. All I had to do was put on my Cuban stockings to bring you crawling between my legs, ready to swallow your pride. I knew I had you pussy whipped when I took the condom I’d pulled off his cock that afternoon and coaxed his hot jizz right down your throat… “

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How Alexis Grace Turned You into a Pussy-Sniffing Jerkoff for Life

“Remember when I caught you staring at me at the arcade? Do you remember all the crazy, fucked-up things I did to you? No matter how mean I was to you, you always came crawling back to be humiliated even worse. I warped you for life. Now I’m going to make you relive that nightmare all over again. On your knees, twerp…”

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Princess Tessa Allows You to Orgasm… in a Brand New Way

“I’ve kept you in chastity for nearly a year now. Is that supposed to make me obsess about your laughable little penis and your pathetic spitloads the way you do? What if I devised a brand new way for you to orgasm? To experience a new form of intense pleasure — with me? Just you and your Princess. Together… “

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Mean Girl Missy Bullied You Then and Still Owns Your Boner Now

“Aww, did I bully you back in school, loser? Did I slap you, give you wedgies, spit in your food, and dump milk in your crotch? If you hated me so much why did you kiss my heels when I ordered you to? And why do you still dream about standing naked before me as I command you to cream your fist for me, huh wussy…?”

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Your Exxx Kendra Trains Your Caged Cock like a Pavlovian Puppy

“I hardly even need to lock you in that chastity cage. All I need to do is put on stockings, heels and an ankle bracelet to keep you under my control. You’re like a puppy who’s been broken and is finally ready for training. This is how I like you. Total capitulation. A snivelling, groveling, toe-kissing mess…”

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Pimp Domme Becky Turns You into Her Ultimate Sissy Slut

“You pretend you hate all the girly things I make you do: wear panties, dress sissy, and bend over for Becky. But I know you secretly dream of being forced to be my ultimate sissy. So I’m going to slut you up and make you prove it. Once you look like a trashy whore? I’m gonna put your glossy red slit to work for me…”

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Goddess Tessa Mercilessly Dangles the Key to Your Chastity Cage

“Pull down your pants and prove to Princess that your chastity cage is locked nice and tight. So I can dangle the key and tease you into total desperation for me. Until you’re a broken little man, a sobbing, stuttering, blubbering piddle puddle at the foot of my bed. Just the way I like you. It’s time for your torment session…”

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Princess Remi Destroys Your Confidence with Cute Girls Forever

“Look at you. Home all alone again with your chubby little stubby. I bet you’d love it if I teased that stub stiff and rode it all nite long. Well, you don’t get that, dreamer boy. You DO get to fuck this fake pussy, while I taunt you, ridicule you and humiliate you as you cum. Then I’m gonna dump your jizz on your ugly face…”

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Your Exxx Kendra Coaxes Your DNA into a Dangerous Pair of Panties

“I’m unlocking your cockcage to use your panty fetish as a little blackmail insurance against you. I’m going to tease you with my own lacy panties, drape them over your face and then coax you into creaming a very special pair of white cotton panties. Drench them with your DNA for me, darling. So that I can destroy you…”

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