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Bikini Goddess Ashley Catches You Jerking Off to Her

“You are such a pathetic coward. Peeking thru the blinds to rub one off while I’m sunning myself by the pool? Well, here I am, sissy. Not so fun being stared at, is it? Huh, big man? You’re gonna finish jerking that worthless little cock into my panties while I stand here and humiliate the hell out of you…”

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Dr Tessa Psychologically Manipulates You into Going Gay

“I have considered your request for release from chastity. Your pleading and whining evidence that you are more sissy than man. So, rather than release you, so that you can be with a woman, I’m keeping you locked up — so you can pursue your sexual destiny: to be the submissive sissy to a virile gay man of my choosing…”

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Boots, Butt and Boobs: Princess Heather is a Merciless Cocktease

“My boyfriend is coming over to fuck me tonite. I’m gonna let you worship my boots, butt and boobs to get my pussy nice and wet for him. Once your desperation boner is ready to explode? You get to go home and fuck your fist all nite for me, while he’s fucking me for real. HA HA! No pussy for panty-sniffing wussies!…”

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Your Exxx Kendra Lets You Cum Only If You’ll Suck Cock for Her

“I’ve had you in chastity for three weeks now. And the only way I’m going to let you out is so that you can ejaculate on the head of this giant dildo, so that I can shove the dildo down your throat and make you gag on that cum, while I put you through a cocksucking lesson. Your choice, darling…”

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Missy Turns You into Her Sorority’s Humiliated Toilet Slave

“My sorority needs a bathroom bitch. Someone to scrub our showers and toilets. To keep us stocked in beauty products, birth control and tampons. But don’t worry about keeping us stocked in toilet paper. I had an even better idea. Get on your hands and knees while I pull down my bikini bottoms, wussy…”

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Tessa Degrades You into Stuffing Her Workout Sock into Your Mouth

“I keep getting hotter and you keep getting more pathetic. You pay for my workouts, making me even more attractive, while you get flabbier and more forlorn. Maybe if you stuffed one of my stinky-divine workout socks into your yap you’d stop whining and your blubber guts would stop expanding… “

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Remi Encourages You to Jerk It Like the Virgin Mama’s Boy You Are

“Look at you. Home alone again on Saturday nite while I’m doing my lips for my boyfriend. I’ll take pity on you, little loser boy. Do you want to jerk your widdle penis while Princess teases and humiliates you? Why don’t you steal a pair of stockings from mommy or big sister. And I will handle you from there, wussy… “

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Your Sadistic Exxx Kendra Reduces You to Sissy Maid Servitude

“It’s not enough for me that you wear that sissy maid uniform. It’s not enough that you spent an entire day on your knees scrubbing the estate you lost to me in our divorce decree. Not sufficiently degrading, darling. I want more. I want you broken completely. I want every last drop of your dignity. Down your throat… “

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Keyholder Goddess Alexis Grace Torments Your Caged Cock

“I believe every woman should keep her bitch boy in chastity. Tormenting caged cocks is my specialty and I luv offering my keyholding services to my girlfriends. I am going to use everything — from my tongue to my toes — to drown that little cock of yours in precum. I’ll even let you cage-hump my pussy from behind… “

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Princess Tessa Dares You to Challenge Her Boyfriend to a Fight

“I love it when guys fight over me. It turns me on. The winner gets a real-man reward. And the loser? The loser gets humiliated, of course. So. My boyfriend found out about you. And he’s on his way over. Are you going to try to impress me? Or are you going to crawl into the closet and hide there like a scared little baby?…”

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