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Tessa Teases Your Caged Cock with Her Luscious Lips and Tongue

“I like letting you get close to me so I can use my wet lips and wicked tongue to make you suffer. See the way I wrap my gum around my finger? Just like I’ve got you wrapped around my pinkie, huh, weakling. Now, watch me gloss my lips. Does that make you tremble? Why don’t you ask me for a kiss? Better yet: beg me…”

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Tiffani Promises You One Last Cum Before Locking You into Chastity

“I warned you what would happen if you couldn’t control your sissy spitloads. Now I’m locking you back into chastity. I’m granting you one last worship puddle before you go into the cage. Are you ready to pump it out for Princess? Pull out your little winkie and make it nice and stiff for me…”

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Foot Goddess Kobe Rubs Her Red-Tipped Toes on Your Blueballs

“If you worship my beautiful feet I will release you from your chastity cage. But you really need to degrade yourself. I’m going to use my toes to torture your blueballs and twist my feet down your throat. If you can prove to me that you are totally owned by my perfect peds, I’ll dangle your key and let you beg me for a footjob…”

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How Bratty Sydney Tricked You into Chastity the Very First Time

“You thought I was just a smart-ass brat — until I tricked you into the chastity cage. Do you remember how I did it and what I did to you afterward? You went from being Mr. Big Man on Campus to Sydney’s little playtoy. HA HA. You’re still my little puppet, aren’t you. And THIS is how I destroyed you for life….”

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Furious Princess Tessa Uses You as Her Riding Pony

“I told you to arrange my riding lesson at the stable. A simple enough command. But you couldn’t even do that right. So, you know what? YOU are going to be my pony. I’m going to saddle you, stick a bit in your mouth and crop your hide to shreds as I ride you around in the muck in front of all the equestrienne girls…”

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Punishment for a Pathetic Pussy-Licking Sissy with Goddess Akira

“You and your sputtering little sissy clit are worthless. You can’t fuck me like a man so I’m putting you into sissy panties. I’m bringing my ex-boyfriend over to fuck me good and hard, while you watch from the closet in your panties. Then you get to lick and swallow his real-man fuckload from my pussy…”

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Goddess Amy Offers You a Humiliating Charity Fuck

“Here’s the deal, geek boy. If you can stretch out this XL condom with your cock? I will let you fuck me for real. If not? I will strip the fuckbag off your feeble pecker and make you fuck my fake pussy as I taunt you into sputtering the most humiliating loser load of your life. And then you’re gonna lick it up as I laugh at you…”

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Breaking and Training a Male Authority Figure with Princess Katie

“You thought you were going to be the strict male authority figure I ‘need’ to control my wild behavior thru college. So, howz that working out for you, daddipantz? Cuz tonite, I finish breaking and training you. Be at my sorority room at 7pm and prepare to swallow your pride like never before…”

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Tessa Allows You to Wear Her Steamy Panties over Your Face

“I’m so pleased with your latest shopping devotional to me that I’ve decided to give you a reward. No, silly, I’m not letting you out of chastity. You can wear my panties over your face while I’m with my boyfriend. I won’t be needing them. The frills and feminine scent will help inspire your next visit to my wishlist…”

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Sadistic Princess Danielle Gives You a Sissy Facial Ultimatum

“We can do this one of two ways, wussy. You can pinch your sissy pimple and spray your loser jizz all over your face as I verbally humiliate you — or I can put on my dominatrix gloves, extract the cum from you the painful way and slap it the fuck all over your face. Either way, you are getting a sissy facial tonight…”

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