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Mean Girl Heather Makes You Demonstrate that She Still Owns You

“You prolly still hate me for the insanely cruel stuff I did to you, loser, but I’m sure you still dream about me belittling you with my jiggle boobies and bubble butt. Admit it. When I get finished with you, you’re gonna be licking the goo puddle from your weak little fist as I laugh at you. Heather wins! Again. And 4ever.”

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Tessa Sissy-Humiliates You for Getting Caught with Her Panties

“You’ve been a very naughty boy. Are you going to confess?  What were you doing with a pair of my panties in your room? What filthy, dirty, forbidden thing were you going to try to do with them? Are you going to tell me the truth? Or am I going to have to make your punishment even worse, for fibbing?”

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Your Intern Amber Uses Your Submissive Weaknesses Against You

“It only took me a few days to figure out the 411 on your weaknesses. And today? I’m gonna use those weaknesses of yours to break you, blackmail you and turn you into my office pet. We’ll start with my feet. Once I have my toes in your mouth? There’s no limit to what I can do to degrade you and own you….”

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How Princess Missy Turned You into a Panty-Creaming Wuss for Life

“Remember the day I caught you with a pair of my cute lace panties wrapped around your sputtering little pecker? Remember what I did to you? You haven’t been able to cum without thinking of me humiliating you in my panties since. And now you’re about to relive that emasculating nightmare all over again, panty-dork…”

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Princess Tessa Feeds You a Prison Rations Diet from Her Toes

“Since I keep you imprisoned in a chastity cage, I’m putting you on prison rations so that you can go beyond bankruptcy and devote your every last penny to Princess. As I dangle a bread crust between my expensively pedicured toes, you will assume the begging position and repeat: “All for Princess, none for me….”

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Goddess Alexis Face-Fucks You and Gives You a Sissy Facial

“Once you admit you are NOT a man… Once you confess you secretly desire to be on your knees, in panties and lipstick… I am going to make you arch your hips, pry open your pretty little mouth, and make you face the truth about yourself. You are going to get a hot gooey FACEFUL of humiliation tonight, pathetic sissy….”

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Princess Tiffani Demotes You from Boyfriend to Foot Puppy

“I have no use for you as a boyfriend. But since you amuse me, I’d be willing to keep you around as my foot puppy. When my boyfriend isn’t around, you can sleep at the foot of my bed and wake me up with toe kisses in the morning. I’ll even put down a wee wee pad for you to make you humpy-puppy piddles…”

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Princess Tessa Puts You thru an Agony Arousal Session in Her Bed

“I’ve been thinking about letting you out of your cockcage for a mercy orgasm. What would you do if I brought you into my bedroom next to my near-naked body and then released you — after all this time you’ve been in chastity. Could you handle it? Do you want to try? Then come into my bedroom now…”

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Princess Heather Makes You Prove You are Her Pathetic Foot Piggy

“Would you rather be with your woman this weekend — or be my pathetic pedicure slave and foot piggy? Let’s see what happens to your pecker when I flick my feet in your face and stuff my dirty kneesock in your mouth. Can you guess what I’m gonna make you do with my other sock? Get ready to grunt for Princess, piggy…”

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Wicked Domina Sydney Offers to Let You out of Your Chastity Cage

“You have been begging and whining to be let out of your cockcage. So, then. I just put on my black latex gloves. Are you sure you want me to free you from your penis prison, so that you can put your little cock and balls at the mercy of my fingers? Are you certain you won’t regret it?…”

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