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Tessa Mocks and Teases You for Being a Crybaby in Chastity

“Let’s see if you’re up for a little challenge. I just put on my sexy holiday lingerie. Why don’t you come into my bedroom, take a good look at me, and see if you can wear the ‘man-pants.’ Do you think you can do it? Or will you be intimidated by me — and start whining like a little crybaby in need of punishment?…”

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Sadistic Ashley Flips You from Her Wimp Boyfriend to Sissy Cuck

“I have a new boyfriend. He fucks me so much better than you ever could. But I still want to keep you around. As my sissy. So, if you still want to be with me? You’re gonna seal the deal by drinking the cum from his condom. If you swallow his bull load, I’ll sissy-reward you by letting you cum — in his dirty condom…”

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Princess Tiffani’s Long Red Nails vs Your Laughable Little Penis

“I just got my nails done. See how long and shiny they are? I’m gonna use them to tease your silly little pecker to the point where you are sputtering, stuttering and begging Princess for mercy. And then? I’m gonna use them to flick you back right down to size, until it’s as red and swollen as a sissy clit…”

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Princess Tessa Gives You Your Christmas Present

“I promised I’d let you have a ‘cummie’ for Christmas, as your reward for being such a good chastity puppy and shopping slave for me. But I didn’t promise to let you out of your chastity cage, did I, silly puppy? LOL. Get down on all fours — in the begging position. It’s time for your Christmas present…”

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Princess Heather Turns You into Her Panty-Creaming Cuckold

“What’s the most humiliating thing about being my cuckold? The way I ignore you when I’m doing my makeup for him? The way I flaunt my butt and boobies in your face and sneer at you? Or the way I make you cream my dirty panties in my closet — one spitload for each time my stud fucks me? Huh, loser?…”

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Bossy Bikini Brat Missy Lets You Choose Your Punishment

“I warned you there’d be humiliating consequences if I ever caught you jerking off to me, you weak little pervert. And now that I’ve caught you with your sputtering little dicklet in your fist, I’m going to let you choose your own punishment. You decide. It better be MORE emasculating than what I have in mind for you…”

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Chastity Release? Princess Tessa Grants You a ‘Shoegasm’

“Aww. Why the sad face? Is it because I’ve had you locked up in your chastity cage for weeks and weeks without any hope of release? How would you like it if I let you have a ‘shoegasm.’ Do you know what that is? Get on your hands and knees at my pretty feet. And we’ll have one together…”

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You Are the Submissive Sissy Slave to Porn Star Alexis Grace

“As a successful, jet-setting porn star, I need a full-time sissy attendant, to fluff my bulls and lick my box clean between takes. As a sadist and dominatrix, I take pleasure in breaking and training straight, vanilla men like you, until you are wearing an ass plug, chastity cage and panties on set, ready to lick and suck for me…”

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Your Sadistic Ex Kendra Prepares You for Your First Gay Date

“Since you were an utter failure as my husband, I’ve decided to pimp you out as a sissy rent boy to my gay friends. They have big cocks and love breaking in nervous, effeminate straight boys like you. First I’m giving you an enema, followed by a plugging and an ass-fucking — before your new boyfriend comes over …”

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Your New Office Intern Tessa Has the Key to Your Cockcage

“I got hired to be your office intern just to drive an important point into your little peabrain: that I own you. Completely. At home, at work, in your thoughts, in your dreams. Always. Forever. And I intend on tormenting your pathetic little package every moment of your worthless life. On your knees…”

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