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Homewrecker Heather Borrows Your Wife’s Lingerie & Blackmails U

“It’s me, your babysitter Heather. I found some sexy lingerie in your wife’s dresser and decided to try it on, here in your bedroom. Do you like me in it? If you were a real man you’d probably spank me for what I did. But it looks like I’m the one in charge here. Get on your knees and take out your little cock for me…”

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Your Boss Missy Destroys Your Date & Controls Your Cumloads

“My daddy bought me this company so now I’m your boss. I decide what you get paid, how you spend your days, when you get to go home… But I want more than that. I want your cum. You’re gonna give me every drop, while you worship my ass, so I can send you home to wifey with a red, raw, flaccid, drained-dry dick…”

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Princess Tessa Sends You on a Panty Humiliation Assignment

“You’re going to slide a pair of silky lace panties over your little package. Just for my amusement. I’m going to emasculate and humiliate you. Because I love seeing you squirm in your panties. Watching your face turn as pink as your panties brings a smile to my face. And you want to please Princess Tessa, don’t you?…”

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Princess Katie Makes You Cum Like a Squealing, Lisping Sissy Girl

“Aww. Did I reject you as a man? Poor little sissy! Well, sissy, I’m not a cruel bitch. Even though I emasculated you in my bedroom, I’m still gonna let you cum for me — like the pathetic sissy girl you are. I’m putting you into lace panties, violating all your fukky holes and putting you thru an intense clitty cum session. Ready?….”

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Pity Piddle: Goddess Akira Offers You a ‘Virgin Fanboy Charity Fuck’

“Look at you. You sorry little virgin sadsack. Pulling your peepee to all my videos alone in your room. You know what I’m gonna do for you? I’m gonna give you a love lesson from me, your favorite porn star. I promise not to make fun of your peepee, or tease you about your nervousness, little boy….”

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Bikini Bitches Becky and Tiffani Put You on a Dick-Sucking Diet

“Because you plump up like a pig every holiday season, we’re putting you on a special dick-sucking diet. Your only source of protein is gonna be steamy, skanky, gooey-hot male cum down your throat. You’ll have to suck dick or starve! To start you can beg us to masturbate our boyfriends into your mouth….”

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Your Boss Tessa Torments and Punishes You with Her Pantyhose

“You have only one boss: Me. Princess Tessa. At work. In life. You clearly need to be reminded who rules you, owns you. So I am going to take your preoccupation with my pantyhose to teach you an excruciating lesson. You are going to pull my silky pantyhose tight over your caged loins. And then…?…”

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Princess Heather Makes the Virgin Wussy Cum into Her Fake Pussy

“You know you don’t get to cum unless you are doing something totally humiliating to make Princess Heather laugh at you. So. I want you to use a fake pussy to jerk off as you pretend you are fucking me. Am I going to make fun of you and giggle at you as you try to cum? What do you think, dummy? Duh!…”

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You Are the Helpless Foot Slave to Your New Step-Dommy Ashley

“Now that I am engaged to your daddy I’m no longer your girlfriend, I’m your ‘step-dommy.’ As your new disciplinarian, I’m going to be keeping you in chastity and using you to worship and pamper your dommy’s pretty feet. That’s all you get from now on, naughty boy. Toe kisses for your dommy and no relief for you….”

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How Your Wicked Step-Sis Missy Tricked You into Sissy Chastity

“Your life became miserable the day I moved in and started bossing you around. You hated me — when you weren’t filling your fist with Missy squirts. Do you remember what I did to take total control of you? I tricked you into wearing a chastity cage and butt plug, turning you into my sissy step-dork. Here’s how I did it…”

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