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Danielle Wants You to Luv Big Black Cock as Much as She Does

“Do you love Big Black Cock? You should. Your little cock is nothing compared to this. Why don’t you crawl on over here so you can get a good look at what a real cock looks like… and a big taste too of Big Black Cock. See how far you can slide it down your little sissy throat before you gag on it…”

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Miss Kendra Keeps Her Frisky Young Boyfriends Locked in Chastity

“I enjoy dating naive boytoys. The dumber the better. I treat my young boyfriends like puppies in training. A chastity cage is a must. And you’re going to stay caged until you learn to please Goddess with your tongue, no matter how you whimper, whine, and hump my Cuban-stockinged legs…”

kenBFC_0007_layer1 kenBFC_0006_layer2 kenBFC_0005_layer3 kenBFC_0004_layer4 kenBFC_0003_layer5 kenBFC_0002_layer6 kenBFC_0001_layer7 kenBFC_0000_layer8

Goddess Amy Makes You Beg to Worship Her Massive Boobies

“I see you staring at my big beautiful titties all the time. Now’s your chance to see them up close. Do you want to worship them? Maybe I’ll let you. Maybe I’ll even take my top off for you, droolbucket. Or maybe I’ll just tease you to tears. Pre-cum tears for you, loser. Get on your knees and start begging…”

amyWOR_0000_layer6 amyWOR_0001_layer5 amyWOR_0002_layer4 amyWOR_0003_layer3 amyWOR_0004_layer2 amyWOR_0005_layer1

Princess Tiffani Makes You Stutter & Sputter at Your School Reunion

“I was sooo mean to you back in school. Tormented and humiliated you. And now, at our school reunion, you think you’re gonna impress me? I hope you try. So I can make you s-s-stutter again and send you back to your hotel room totally humiliated, ready to s-s-sputter your humpy pillow to Mean Tiffani all over again…”

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Princess Katie Grants You a Charity Fuck — into Her Fake Pussy

“Tell the truth. You’re probably a virgin. Well, scaredy cat, I know you dream about my tight hot pussy, but you’re too intimidated to hit on me. So I’m gonna spread my legs for you and let you put it into my pussy. My FAKE pussy. As I taunt and laff at you. And when I make you cum? You’re gonna lick it all up…”

katFAK_0000_layer9 katFAK_0001_layer8 katFAK_0002_layer7 katFAK_0003_layer6 katFAK_0004_layer5 katFAK_0005_layer4 katFAK_0006_layer3 katFAK_0007_layer2 katFAK_0008_layer1

Your Evil Intern Alexis Coaxes You to Cum and Destroys Your Date

“Too bad you have a date, bossy bitch. Cuz tonite’s the night I was gonna tease your cock with my foot and let you sniff up and down my pantyhose. But I guess you’d rather go out with her than get smothered by my ass and pussy, huh. You better go. Cuz if you stay here? I’m gonna humiliate you till you cum…”

aleDES_0008_layer1 aleDES_0007_layer2 aleDES_0006_layer3 aleDES_0005_layer4 aleDES_0004_layer5 aleDES_0003_layer6 aleDES_0002_layer7 aleDES_0001_layer8 aleDES_0000_layer9

Lingerie Boutique Manager Ashley Wants You to Be Her Panty Slave

“Hey there Panty Man. Yeah, you. You come into my lingerie store and pretend you’re looking for panties for your girlfriend. Don’t make me laugh. The salesgirls and I have you all figured out. And when you come slinking into my store today? I’ve got a plan to turn you into my very own sissy panty slave…”

ashPAN_0004_layer1 ashPAN_0003_layer2 ashPAN_0002_layer3 ashPAN_0001_layer4 ashPAN_0000_layer5


Sissy Test #5: Missy Decides Your Sissy Fate

“The votes are in. I’m going to tell you whether you’re worthy — or whether you are destined to be a dick-sucking wussy. Are you nervous? You should be. Because, WHEN you lose? I’m going to humiliate the fuck out of you, sissy bitch. And then you’re going to suck a cock. For real…”

misBJW_0006_Layer 1 misBJW_0005_Layer 2 misBJW_0004_Layer 3 misBJW_0003_Layer 4 misBJW_0002_Layer 5 misBJW_0001_Layer 6 misBJW_0000_Layer 7

Sissy Test #4: Nikki Teaches You to Suck Cock Like a Slut

“Look at you in your little lingerie and makeup! What a little slut doll you are. At this point only one thing is missing. You need to have a big dirty dick shoved in your mouth so we can see if you’re truly sissy material. So I’m gonna put you thru a tutorial to see if you were made to be a sissy dick sucker…”

nikBJW_0004_layer1 nikBJW_0003_layer2 nikBJW_0002_layer3 nikBJW_0001_layer4 nikBJW_0000_layer5