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Dork Destuction: How Snarky Katie Turned u into a Jerkaholic Loser

“Before you met me you didn’t stutter, steal panties or slime your dork-pants every time a mean girl sneers at you. I guess you have me to thank for all that, LOL, huh, dorkbutt. Do you remember what I did to destroy your confidence and turn you into a fist-creaming fucktard for the rest of your life?….”

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Cruel Cheerleader Missy Humiliates You to the Brink of Destruction

“I know all your most crippling weaknesses. I know how to tease and manipulate you to get anything I want. And you know what I want? I want to see just how far I can break you. I’m gonna bring you to the brink of insanity. To see if I can make you do the filthiest, most humiliating things I can imagine….”

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Pillow Humper Humiliation with Bratty Princess Brooke

“Now that you’ve blown three loser loads into your disgusting fucky pillow, I suppose I’m gonna have to be extra cruel and mean to you so that I can tease that last little bit of jerk-off junk out of your pecker and into your pillow. I’m gonna pump my hips and taunt you till you give me every last drop….”

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Pillow Humper Humiliation with Cruel Goddess Heather

“Let’s hump our pillows together until you squeal and squirt for me. I’m gonna give you the finger, stick my tongue out at you and bust on you and your pathetic life, jerking my hips along with you. Until the geek slime spills out of your little winkie for Heather. Into your squishy crusty pillow. HA HA….”

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Pillow Humper Humiliation with Snobby Princess Katie

“I want you to show me how you hump your pillow, you live-at-home, mama’s-boy loser. I want you to ride that pillow as I verbally humiliate you. Then I want you to CUM. Get it all dirty and jizzy and sticky as I laugh at you and destroy your manhood. Then you’re gonna rub your face in it…..”

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Pillow Humper Humiliation with Wicked Goddess Scarlett

“You are ridiculous. A pillow between your legs doesn’t feel like pussy. It feels like nothing. Which is perfect for you. You get nothing. Actually, you do get something. You get me laughing at you while you wriggle your hips and flail like a sissy worm until you shoot the loser goo into your pillow for me…..”

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CGE: Cruel Girlfriend Experience – Mean Megan Rudely Rejects You

“If I were your girlfriend (yick), we would last about five minutes together. That’s about how long it would take me to look you up and down, give you a cold assessment of all your failings as a man, and then rudely, soundly and succinctly sexually reject you and dump your worthless ass…..”

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Your Bitchy Ex Akira Strips You Naked and Publicly Humiliates You

“What are you doing in MY house? You don’t live here anymore, sissy trash. Oh. You thought I was gonna take pity on you and your four-inch cock? I told you I intended on leaving you with nothing and that’s what I’m gonna do, cockroach. You’re going to march your sissy hobo ass out of here NAKED….”

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Pecker Check #6: Cruel Princess Lexy Finishes Off Your Tiny Cock

“I saw you drooling over my boots at the club and decided to take you home to see if you could deliver the goods like a man. But you turned out to be nothing but a sniveling little pervert with a boot fetish and a useless little worm. Want to make the boot cream for Princess Lexi? Start begging…”

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