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Pecker Check #1: Princess Heather Teases and Taunts You

“If you live in fear of what it would be like to be taken into the bedroom of a total hottie only to have your ego crushed because of the tiny little pecker you’re packing? Don’t watch this video, loser. I’m gonna tease you with my tits and taunt you into trying to impress me with your boner. Good luck! HA HA…”


Princess Becky Rewards You with a Handjob, Footjob, or ???

“You spent all weekend taking me shoe shopping and to the pedicure salon. I drained your wallet and teased your desperation boner every step of the way. I promised to reward you with a handjob, footjob or something even more special, didn’t I? Well, it’s time for your reward. Unzip for Princess…”

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TV Weathercaster Selena Knows You Jerk Off to Her

“I know why you watch me do the weather on TV every morning. So you can cream your little fist while you stare at my hot body and imagine yourself worshiping my goddess legs and perfect feet as I humiliate you. What would you do if I stared into the camera one morning and commanded you to cum for me?…”

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Humiliated Co-Worker: Amber & Amy Primp You Up & Pimp You Out

“We know you drool over us at work. But we also know a humiliating secret about you. You’re coming out to happy hour with us tonite. We’re gonna get you drunk, bring you to a hotel, strip you, emasculate your little cock, paint your face, slap you into panties, and then send you to the hotel bar to suck a cock for us…”

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Boner for the Boss: Stephanie Puts You into Pantyhose Chastity

“I can’t have your pecker poking up at me while we’re at work, little man. Since you love staring at my legs and feet, I’m going to use a pair of my dirty pantyhose to tie your nubs into a knot. We’ll see if a week in pantyhose chastity keeps you from drooling on your desk and dribbling your pants over me…”

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Missy Uses Her Stiletto Heels & Sexy Toes to Seduce & Destroy You

“You saw me cross my legs during my pedicure at the mall. I tease-walked you straight into the shoe store. You bought me every pair I wanted. Now I intend on using my sinister shoes and sexy feet to humiliate and destroy you. Once I wedge my stiletto into your mouth, there’s no end to what I can make you do..”

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Becky Cages Your Cock and Steals Away Your Girlfriend Noely

“Now that your little girlfriend Noely has you locked into chastity, I’m going to take possession of the key — along with your girlfriend’s tight hot pussy. That’s right, you idiot. You’re gonna watch from the closet in your locked chastity cage as I seduce my way into your girlfriend’s panties…” (Part Two of a video tutorial)

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