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Inadequacy Drills with



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Mean Sorority Queen Katie Blackmails u for Premature Ejaculating

“Did you just cum in your pants while we were making out? WTF!? Gross! Are you a virgin? Don’t you dare move, you pathetic fucking BABY. You’re gonna do exactly what I tell you to do with those jizzy dirty cum panties of yours. Or I will make sure that every girl knows what a panty-cumming sissy you are…”

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Your New Intern Missy Cock-Trains You to Be Her Office Jerk Slave

“I knew you were a wuss when you interviewed me. Now, today, on my first day working for you? I intend on seducing you, breaking you and enslaving you. Once I turn you into my helpless jerk puppet, I’ll tell you why I wanted to work for you – and how I intend on destroying you. Ready to unzip for me, wimp?…”

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Bitchy Becky Makes You Fuck Your Fist While She Cuckolds You

“You’re gonna watch as I make myself sexy for your most hated rival. If you take all the humiliation I have to dish out to you I’ll reward you with a big glob of my body lotion – so you can fuck your fist and jerk out all the Becky worship squirts with that worthless little cock of yours while I fuck your real-man rival…”

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Wimp Test: Your Boss Stephanie Gives You a Humiliating Choice

“The work day is over. You’re free to go on out your date. Or you could stay after work with me, to worship my feet. What’s it going to be, weakling? Go on a date like a man? Or worship your boss’ high heels? Shall I call her and cancel your date while you kiss the tips of my toes?…”

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Cheerleader Selena Still Owns You: Cum in Your Face and Prove It

“I used to humiliate the hell out of you back in school. Remember, dork? You were so desperate for ANY attention from me, you’d do anything I commanded. I know you still drool over the memory of me in my cheerleading outfit. And you’re gonna prove it tonite by jerking a load into your face as I laugh at you…”

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