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Your ‘Step-MILF’ Akira Shames You into Sissy Inadequacy Panties

“Your girlfriend told me how frustrated she is with you. As your step-MILF, I feel it’s my job to make you into a man. I want you to show me what you’ve got. If you can’t impress me with your manhood, I’m putting you into shame panties and I will begin training you to be a sissy servant for your girlfriend and me…”

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Goddess Scarlett ‘Shoe-miliates’ You with Her Stilettos & Stockings

“I love using your weaknesses to violate your boundaries and humiliate you. Tonight I’m going to take your fetish for high heels, stockings, and sexy female feet and emasculate you like never before. You will need a pair of stilettos and some silky black stockings to complete your humiliation tasks…”

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Naked Princess Heather Taunts You with Her Drooly Bubblegum

“All I need to turn you into a pathetic little puddle is the promise of my naked body and a juicy wad of drooly bubble gum. I am going to tease and taunt you until you are blueballed, mindfucked, broken down and begging me to dangle you, chew you up, spit you out, wrap you around my pinky and destroy you.”

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Special Sauce: Vegan Missy Tricks You into Swallowing Cum

“I work at the fastfood drive-thru where you get your lunch. I smile when you flirt with me, even though you make me sick. My boyfriend and I are animal rights activists. I’ve been putting his ‘special sauce’ on your burger, you idiot. And the only reason I agreed to date you is to make you eat your own cum…”

misVGN_0005_Layer 1 misVGN_0004_Layer 2 misVGN_0003_Layer 3 misVGN_0002_Layer 4 misVGN_0001_Layer 5 misVGN_0000_Layer 6

Your Wussy Kryptonite: Evil Becky Makes You Cum Against Your Will

“When you see your dog dish on the floor? You know what’s gonna happen. I’m taking all your loser goo, whether you like it or not. I’m gonna tease your wimp cock with my thigh boots and my latex booty till I find your ‘wussy kryptonite.’ Till you betray yourself and jerk out all the Becky squirts for me…”

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5 Days, 5 Teases: Office Leg Worship Week with Your Boss Selena

“Do you know why I wear short skirts, high heels, bitchy boots and silky pantyhose to work? To keep you weak and subservient to me. In this video, I give you a taste of what it would be like to be my crawling, drooling underling for a 5-day work week. 5 days, 5 teases, 5 foot and leg worship sessions…”

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Princess Heather Invades Your Loser Pigpen and Makes You Squirt

“Your loser pigpen is every bit as filthy, stinking and disgusting as you are! You dirty little jerk pig. I knew it. And I LOVE it. I want you to live like a filthy piglet so I can live like a princess. So, my pathetic jerk piggy. Why don’t you show me what you do in your pigpen when you watch my videos… OMG… Eeew!!!”

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GAG U Session 5: Mistress Jennifer Pimps You Out & Punishes You

“Now that you’ve been humiliated, broken down and trained for cock, it’s time to get your ass out to the bars so you can suck cock for real. For ME, your sissy pimp mistress. And if you don’t come back with a wad of cash and a slut face full of cum? I will whip your panty ass and punish you with my strap-on…”

GAG05_jen_0002_Layer 2

GAG05_jen_0003_Layer 1

GAG05_jen_0001_Layer 3 GAG05_jen_0000_Layer 4

GAG U Session 4: Goddess Scarlett Trains You to Be a Cock Slut

“How hilarious! You want to be a sissy cocksucker? Don’t deny it. You already admitted it! I know you want to. Well, Miss Sissy wanna-be. I’m gonna train you to strut like a cocktease. Then I’m sending you on a public humiliation assignment with a plug up your ass and jizz all over your slut face…”

GAG04_scarlett_0000_Layer 4 GAG04_scarlett_0001_Layer 3 GAG04_scarlett_0002_Layer 2 GAG04_scarlett_0003_Layer 1

GAG U Session 3: Princess Nikki Primes You to Swallow Cum

“To be a good sissy cocksucker you have to crave the taste of Alpha Male jizz. So to practice? You’re gonna start swallowing your own cum – on my command. I want you to cum in your mouth – and if you gag on it? I’ll hold you by the back of your head and get it down your throat until you LOVE it…”

GAG03_nikki_0005_Layer 1 GAG03_nikki_0004_Layer 2 GAG03_nikki_0003_Layer 3 GAG03_nikki_0002_Layer 4 GAG03_nikki_0001_Layer 5 GAG03_nikki_0000_Layer 6