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GAG U – Cocksucking 101: A Five Day BJ Training Intensive by Humiliatrix



Cuckold Humiliation: Stephanie Straddles and Smothers You

“Awww. You don’t want to be cuckolded anymore? You want me to stop cheating on you? Is that it? Not only am I going to continue cuckolding you, every time my boyfriend gives me a good hard fucking, I’m gonna come home and rub your face in it. Just like this…”

steMGP_0001_Layer 1

steMGP_0000_Layer 2


Cougar Akira Catches You Jerking off with Her Pantyhose and…

“Are you in my room sniffing and rubbing my dirty pantyhose, you little pervert? Aha! I knew it! Don’t you try to hide! Put that cock of yours between my toes. I’m going to give you a rough, humiliating footjob and we’ll see how much you like pretty feet and pantyhose once I rub your boner red and raw…”

akiBUST01_0001_Layer 1

akiBUST01_0000_Layer 2


Princess Heather Busts Out Pointing and Laughing at You

“Oh my gawd, look at you, loser! Look at what a stupid imbecile you are! All I have to do is see your face and I can’t help but bust out laughing at you. Or maybe it’s because I caught you unzipping your pants. Or maybe it’s because you’re that fucking pathetic…”



Merciless Princess Megan Mocks Your Worthless Little Cock

“Have you ever imagined what it’s like when girls talk about you behind your back? Does the idea of me telling my girlfriends all about your pathetic little pecker and your feeble attempt to fuck me make you want to shrivel up and hide? Good. Because I am about to humiliate the hell out of you…”





Mean Princess Missy Mocks You for Being a Pathetic Pillow Humper

“I know you hump your pillow and pretend it’s me you’re fucking. What a sad little dork you are. Do you really think your crusty pillow is what pussy feels like? Why don’t you show me what you do when you’re alone in your room thinking about me, dweeb. Do it for me, so I can laugh at you…”



Bratty Becky Teases You Till You Cream Your Dork Pants for Her

“Hey sugar daddy, I ‘borrowed’ your credit cards to go on spring break with my girlfriends. What cha gonna do about it? Every time you try to put your foot down, I’m gonna tease your pecker till you fill your dork pants with Becky cream for your demanding devilgirl Princess. Nyah nyah!…”


Jen and Nikki Finish You off like the Fuckface Pussy-Ass Bitch-Panty Wimp You Are

“We are gonna drain you dry before your Valentine date like the laughable litle fuckface pussy-ass wimp you truly are. Then you can fake it for her with your limp little dick. All for us, bitch panties. None for your date.”

dod14_jennikki_layer1 dod14_jennikki_layer2 dod14_jennikki_layer3 dod14_jennikki_layer4 dod14_jennikki_layer5


Sorority Sadist Katie Gives You a Humiliating Sissy Ultimatum… If You Want to Cum

“When you crawl into my sorority room begging me to let you unload your blueballs, what do you think I’m gonna do? The only way I’m gonna let you cum is if you do it like the pathetic sissy wimp we both know you are…”

dod14katie_0006_Layer 1 dod14katie_0005_Layer 2 dod14katie_0004_Layer 3 dod14katie_0003_Layer 4 dod14katie_0002_Layer 5 dod14katie_0001_Layer 6 dod14katie_0000_Layer 7