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13 Days of Denial at Humiliatrix as We Count Down to Valentine’s Day!

You are locked into chastity and relentlessly teased and denied for the two weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day. Then, on V-Day Eve, we unleash your little beast and force you to spit out worship puddles all nite long – until you’re left flaccid and feeble, depleted and defeated, on the most important day of the year for you to prove you’re a man. Your Valentine’s date is gonna find out that you are nothing but a limp-dick little sissy, when we send you off to her with a bunch of wilted roses in your fist. HA HA!



Squirt the ‘Stupid Sauce’ into Princess Heather’s Cute Panties

“Why do my cute panties make you so weak and stupid, loser? My cute white panties. My sexy black panties. You’re just dying to incriminate yourself into the warm soft crotch of my cute little panties, so I can take total control of you. Aren’t you, weakling. Wanna squirt the stupid sauce for Princess Heather?…”

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Princess Heather Turns You into Her Pathetic Little Piggy

“Did you really think I was gonna let you into my bedroom without making you do filthy dirty things to yourself? How badly would you humiliate yourself for me? Would you wear a pig nose and butt plug for Princess? Would you grunt and oink and beg to worship my huge tits, sexy ass and cute toes?”

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Welcome to Princess Heather’s World: Controlling Your Cock

“It’s time for you and me to get to know each other. How about we start tonite in my bedroom, after everybody’s gone to bed. I’m gonna tease your cock and find out what makes you totally weak for your new Princess. Once I take control of your little cock, we can really start to have some fun…”

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Humiliatrix Welcomes 2014 with the Princess Ignore Cam


Six Humiliatrix Hotties Tease Your Pecker, Give You the Finger, Trash Talk Your Manhood, and Ignore You as We Gloss Our Wet Lips and Get Ready to Party with Our Studs, All Nite Long.  Six UHD Videos!