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Tiffani Gets Grossed Out When You Prematurely Spooge

“I knew I should have NEVER let a nervous little dweeb like you make out with me. All I had to do was rub my silky thigh between your legs and YICK. I could feel the loser cream blubbering thru your geek pants all over my brand new ultra-sheen stockings. Eew! Ready to be humiliated, mr cream jeans? …”

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How Bratty Becky Turned You into Her Helpless JerkyBoy 4 Life

“Once upon a time you were pretty much a normal little dork – til I decided to mess with your head, make you a pervert and take control of your little pecker. Now you can’t cum without thinking of me humiliating you. Remember what I did to to destroy you? I’m about to do it to you all over again…”

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It’s Time for Your ‘Yoga Class for Sissies’ with Sadistic Stephanie

“I’ve seen you staring at me at yoga, you pathetic little dreamer. Well, I’m starting a Sissy Yoga class for wimps and rejects – like you. First you need to put in your butt plug and ball gag. Then you can put on your panties before I put you through a series of humiliating poses I put together just for you, wussy…”

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