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Naked Missy Makes You Help Her Dress to Seduce Your Rival

“See the lingerie you bought for me? I’m gonna put it on to seduce your rival. You’re gonna watch me dress for him. And you’re gonna jerk your sad little boner and tell me how great I look and how hard he’s gonna fuck me – to make my pussy nice and wet – for HIM… Now hand me my lipstick, dork…” 16 minutes/36 pix
Princess Missy 
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Your Reward: Goddess Stephanie Allows You to "Talk to the Crack"

“Because you took me shopping and let me slap you around, shit-talk you and humiliate you in front of a mall full of women, as I drain your credit cards, I’ve decided to take pity on you and give you a reward: you get to lavish the crack of my ass with compliments while I continue to abuse and ignore you…” 4 minutes
Princess Stephanie from

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Becky and Paige Make You ‘Measure Up’ or Suck a Real Man Cock

“Real cocks are 8 to 12 inches long when erect. They’re nice and thick too. My girfriend Paige and I are going to measure your dick. If you please us? You’ll be rewarded with a blowjob. BUT if you turn out to have a pin prick or a runt dick, you will be the one GIVING a blowjob tonite. Ready to unzip for us?…” 19 minutes
Princess Becky and Princess Paige from
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Your Sadistic Ex-Wife Selena Keeps You Foot-Teased in Chastity

“I used to resent your foot fetish. But now that we’re divorced, I love using my sexy feet and pretty toes to manipulate you – while keeping you locked in a cock cage. Now you have to bribe me with designer heels and beg to kiss my toes as I decide if you deserve your monthly release from your chastity cage…” 9 minutes
Princess Selena from
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Sorority Bitch Missy Uses Your Bedroom as Her Cuckold Fuckpad

“I can’t bring boys to my room, so I’m using your bedroom as a fuckpad for me and my fratboy bulls. You’re gonna dress me in lingerie, roll the XL condoms over their huge cocks, do our homework while we fuck, and then? I’m gonna use their filthy, gooey fuckbags to humiliate you. Like this…” 18 minutes of Missy at her meanest!
Princess Missy from
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Lost Bet: Kendra Makes You Suck Her Toes, Then a Real Cock

“I warned you of the consequences if you lost our little bet on the tennis court. Now you’re going to learn a hard lesson. First you’re going to suck on my sweaty toes. Once you get some practice? I’ve got a well-hung friend coming over. Let’s just say that your masculine pride isn’t the only thing you’ll be swallowing…” 11 minutes
Kendra James from
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Goddess Tessa Slaps You Down from Boyfriend to Sissy Slave

“I know you ache to be my boyfriend. And though I love all the lingerie you bought me, I’ve made a decision. I just don’t see you as a man. You’re more like a lapdog or a playtoy to me. And so the only way I’ll consider keeping you around is if you’re willing to be a sissy servant for me – and my new boyfriend…” 8 minutes
Princess Tessa from
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Corporate Cock Training with Your Office Intern Tiffani

“Every college intern needs to cocktrain her boss into submission. The best way? Find out his fetishes and use your wardobe as a weapon. Tonight after work, I’m gonna use my legs, heels and open-toe pantyhose to make u crawl, beg, worship my feet and then cum all over your face as I toe-tease and ridicule u…” 9 minutes
Princess Tiffani from
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