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Take Princess Missy’s Submissive ‘Step’-Slave Loyalty Tests

“I’m gonna put you thru three loyalty tests. You’re gonna worship my feet and buy me sexy shoes; kiss my ass and have your face slapped; and cream my blackmail panties as I tease you in my bikini. If you pass all my loyalty tests? You can marry my moms – and become my 24/7 step-slave…” 15 minutes
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Sari Publicly Humiliates You at a Spring Break Beach Bar

“Look at you. You think you’ve got the balls big enough to buy me a drink at this beach bar, surrounded by my bikini babe sorority sisers? Really? Then why are you sweating like a pig? Why is that tiny little bump in your Speedo starting to sputter? Huh, you little choker? Come closer, I’ve got a surprise for you…” 4 minutes
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Sadistic Selena Humiliates You with Her Jerkoff-Slimed Panties

“WHAT THE FUCK are you doing with my panties? Don’t you try to run away from me. You’re gonna finish what you were about to do in my panties while you were spying on me. Fistfucking creep. Once you cum my panties, I’m gonna smear them all over your face and make you wear them over your head home…” 6 minutes
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Booty Brat Harley Lets You Fill Your Loser Dish with Worship Squirtz

“After taking me bikini shopping I’ll bet your dorky undies are all gooped up with precum, huh, sugardaddy. Aww. After you finish giving me my ‘thank-you-princess’ toe kisses you can beg to jerk out a worship puddle while you drool over my butt. But ONLY if you agree to lick it up before my boyfriend comes over…” 8 minutes.
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Amazon Goddess Jasmine Makes You Drool over Her Bikini Body

“You’re not a man to me. Why would I be interested in a pin-prick runt like you – other than to tease and abuse you? You’re just a puny little play-toy to stick inside my bikini bottoms, squish between my toes or trap between my massive boobs to torment. And that’s exactly what I’m about to do to you, little man…” 7 minutes.
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Bikini Goddess Stephanie Makes You Pinch-Jerk Your Prick for Her

“I knew it! I knew you were watching me prance around the pool in my bikini with your little dick in your fist. Well now you’re going to finish yourself off for me – while I make a humiliation video of you jerking off. Go ahead – squirt my moisturizer on your little boner and fuck your fist for Goddess Stephanie. Wimp…” 4 minutes.
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