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Becky Transforms Herself into a Super Heroine – to Subdue You

“Don’t be nervous. This is just my halloween costume. It’s not like I’m really a super heroine. Or that my boobs really do have the magical power to make you weak – and put you completely under my control, if you stare at them for too long… LOL. Just keep your eyes on my nipples, and repeat after me…” 

Goddess Kendra Pimps You Out for Halloween as a Cockslut Tramp

Kendra James from
“Halloween’s here! So I’m sending you to the bars in costume as a cockslut tramp. Not only are you bringing me back First Prize for “most realistic whore,” but if you don’t come staggering back with your panties stuffed with cocksucking cash – and your tart face plastered with jizz? I’m taking it out on your bitch ass…” 9 minutes
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You Are Boot Goddess Tessa’s Pathetic Office Puppet

Princess Tessa from
“You used to be my boss. I was your college intern. Then I figured out how to use your obsession with my sexy legs and pretty feet to destroy and control you. Look at you now. Just a pathetic puppet dangling by my bootstraps. How cute. Does little Mister Puppet Pants want to kiss my boots? I don’t hear you begging…” 4 minutes
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Save it for ‘Her’ – or Drain It for Your Dominant Boss Stephanie?

Princess Stephanie from
“I’m done humiliating you here at the office. You’re free to go home to try to get it up for your wife. Or? You can stuff that pathetic little boner into this pair of panties and wriggle around kissing my feet like a pig – until I command you to hump the carpet and snot your panties for the woman who clearly owns you: your boss…” 4 minutes

Oh, Snap: Bratty Becky Makes You Cum When She Cracks Her Gum

Princess Becky from
“I bet one of my sorority sisters that I could tease your cock until you choke all your Becky juice for me, just by cracking my bubble gum. I’m gonna twist my gooey gum just like I twist and wrap you around my pinky. And you’re gonna prove that you are nothing but a helpless Jerk-a-holic for Bratty Becky. Ready, weakling?…” 7 minutes
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Are You Addicted to Princess Tiffani? Take Tiffani’s ‘Tease Test’

Princess Tiffani from
“Hey Mr. Drool Bucket! We’re gonna play a fun game. Let’s find out how addicted you are to me. When I get done teasing and denying you, if your boner is rubbed raw from my worship stroke commands?.. If your blueballs are backed up to your eyeballs?.. And the ‘Tiffani Cream’ is oozing off the tip of your pecker?…” 9 minutes
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You Will Violate and Degrade Yourself for Latex Dominatrix Kendra

Kendra James from
“Does it intimidate you to see me in my dominatrix gear? I can feel you weakening at the crackle of my gloves. So, then. Am I going to need to beat you, bully you – and penetrate you – to break you? Or are you going to willingly submit yourself to the predicament humiliation assignment I have planned for you?…” 12 minutes
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Outfit Tester Humiliation: Worship Strokes for Sexy Goddess Selena

“Did you bring me candy and flowers? You’re not here to take me on a date, idiot. You’re here to get on your knees and help me pick a sexy outfit to wear for my new boyfriend – your rival. Whichever cocktease dress causes you to spunk the biggest puddle of precum into your fist is the one I’ll wear to seduce my man…” 7 minutes

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Missy Invades Your Pigpen to Make You Choke, Confess and Cum

Princess Missy from
“You’re gonna show me exactly how you jerk off to me in your filthy pigpen loser room, so I can use your dirty secrets to manipulate you, control you and destroy you completely. I’m gonna use your darkest, most humiliating secrets to turn you into my feeble, powerless, Missy-addicted ‘cum cripple’ snot-pig…” 12 minutes
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Sissy Fuckface: You Are Goddess Stephanie’s Substitute Sucker

“You’re going to wear the exact same lingerie that I’m wearing, the exact same jewelry and lip gloss too. Can you guess why? My drunk jock boyfriend is coming over for a BJ and you’re going to give it to him. You’re gonna practice on this dildo while I tease his cock. Then? You’re going to slip between his legs and…” 5 minutes

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