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Your Tiny Penis Charity Fuck Session with Emasculatrix Tiffani

“I was feeling so sorry for you because you’re such a clueless little geek when it comes to girls that I was going to give a good hard charity fuck. I was gonna let you wriggle and squirt into my hot pink princess palace… That is, until I saw just how truly tiny and worthless you are. Now I’m just gonna humiliate you… “



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Your Ultimate Small Penis Humiliation with Sorority Bitch Missy

“Little cock losers like you deserve to be completely humiliated. I’m going to taunt your cock, punish it, send pictures of it to my sorority sisters – and make you stand there as we laugh at you and call you names. Then, to finish you off? I’m gonna give you the most humiliating jerk-pinch goo-face hand job of your life…”


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Your Therapist Dr Kendra Enables Your Crippling Panty Addiction

“You came to me for help with your panty problem. But by my clinical assessment, you’re a sissy – who belongs in panties. So rather than rid you of your panty fetish, I am going to put you into a deep state of psychological submission – to weaken you, emasculate you, and turn you into my panty-addicted sissy slut…”


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Worship Goddess Tessa’s Feet in Nine Different Pairs of High Heels

“By the time I’m done trying on shoes and teasing you with my stockings, legs and feet? You’re going to have rug burns on your knees, silk strands in your mouth, and a flood of pre-cum in your pants. Now kiss each of my stockinged toe tips and repeat after me: ‘I’m Tessa’s simpering foot wimp’… Kiss and repeat, again… “


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Humiliation Assignment: A Worship Shrine for Goddess Stephanie

“I’m slapping you into a pig-snout, ball gag and chastity cage. You will stay up all night, plastering your pig sty with my worship photos. Once you turn your pig pen into a Humiliatrix worship shrine for Stephanie? You can squeal for my permission to unlock your cage and let you oink out the pig snot for your Goddess…”



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Your Boss Selena Transforms You into Her Sissy Cockslut Secretary

“You couldn’t close deals for the company like a man, so now you’re gonna close deals by sucking the cocks of our drunk potential clients. I’m sending you to the salon for a full makeover. Then I’m sticking a plug in your ass and tarting you up in tight pantyhose, stockings and heels for your dick-sucking lesson…”


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Sorority Brat Missy Takes Charge and Locks You in a Chastity Cage

“You’re supposed to be the man of the house, but we both know who’s in charge, don’t we, cuck-daddy? We’re gonna have such fun while I’m back from college. First you’re gonna blackmail yourself into my sorority panties with your loser goo, and then I’m locking you into chastity. On your knees, step-dork…”



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You Are Intern Becky’s Pantyhose-Whipped Pussy-Fluffer

“I’m gonna use you after work – to rub my stockinged feet and fluff my pussy thru my pantyhose. Once my cunny is wet from teasing and humiliating you – and your cock is throbbing? I’m gonna send you to the closet and make you watch my boyfriend shred my pantyhose and fuck me across your desk, mr. pecker pants…”


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You Get a Jerk-Panty Reward for Helping Tiffani Dress for Her Date

“I’m so excited for tonite! And I can see you’re excited too – getting to see Princess Tiffani naked! Wait…Did you think I was getting ready for a date with YOU!? No, silly! I asked you over to help me get dressed! Aww, poor frowny-face! Would you like to dry your tears and squirt your reject juice into my dirty panties? Here…”


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Miss Kendra Strips You of Your Masculinity for Panties and a Plug

“You’re about to learn who wears the pants in this house – and who wears the sissy emasculation panties. And if you give me any sass? I will pull down your panty bottoms and insert this plug, all the way: to teach you an even more humiliating lesson. Now get to your housework before my lady friends arrive…”


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