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You Are Cheerleader Becky’s Panty-Face Pillow Humping Dork

“Every cheerleader had to pick a charity cause to help. So I picked U, you pathetic virgin loser. I’m not giving you a charity fuck. Eew! But I am gonna make you wear my sweaty cheerleading panties over your face as you humpy-jerk your pillow with Becky squirts. Maybe I’ll even let you kiss my ass as you cum. Dork.”


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Cheerleader Tiffani Transforms You into Her Strap-on Sissy Slut

“I promised if you lavished me with girlie gifts that I’d grant your dream – I’d put on my cheerleading uniform and give you a special night in my bedroom. Well, you got me everything I wanted. Now it’s time for your reward, tee hee. You’re gonna put on that powder-puff pink lingerie set you bought and bend over, sissy…”


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You Are Your Dominant Boss Kendra’s Helpless Office Jerk Puppet

“I cut your salary. Assign you degrading tasks. Emasculate you in front of female colleagues. But you still won’t quit. When I snap my stockings or dangle a heel? You’re helplessly mine. So, the work day is over. You can go home with your dignity to your wife. Or drop to your knees and show me who owns you…”


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Your Sadistic Wife Stephanie Trains You to Be Her ‘Cucky Puppy’

“Because I have to fuck other men to be sexually satisfied, you need to be punished and humiliated. I’ve decided to ban you from the bedroom and discipline you like a naughty puppy. I’m going to command you to HEEL (worship and suck them), BEG (for your sloppy seconds) and CUM (lick up your rival’s jizz)… “


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Your Young Dominant Boss Tessa Demotes You into Sissy Panties

“You spend way too much time staring at my sexy stockings, shapely legs and pretty feet. The next time I catch you trying to peek up my skirt, I will send you to the mall lingerie store, to have you fitted for your own pair of workplace emasculation panties – to remind you of your place. Understood? Say, ‘Yeth Miss Tessa’… “


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Your Sadistic Therapist Selena Takes Control of Your Orgasms

“As your therapist, I’m going to help you control your deviant desires for female legs and feet by locking your sexual organs into a male chastity device. You won’t be able to masturbate at all – unless I decide to unlock your penis, so that I can instruct you to ejaculate under my theraputic auspices. Shall we begin?… “


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Missy Inspects Your Panties and Makes You Frig-Off Like a Girl

“Are you wearing girlie panties!? LOL! Hand them over, wussy… Skidmarks? Yellow dribbles? Crusty cum stains? Eew. You’re disgusting. And pathetic. You’re going to put those yicky frilly panties back on and frig your sissy clitty to my commands – or I else will tell EVERYONE that you’re a panty sissy… “


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Stocking Slave: Time to Give Tease Princess Tiffani Her Toe Kisses

“Why are there pre-cummy stains all over the crotch of your pants? Is it because I said I might let you help me put on my thigh-high stockings, my ankle bracelet, and my high heels? Maybe I’ll let you. Let you lay luv kisses all over my pretty pedicured toes, beneath my silky stockings. Start begging… “


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Your Boot and Booty Worship Call with Bratty Princess Becky

“I put on these tight cutoff shorts just to get the drool flowing down your ugly face, you sad little weakling. You’re gonna watch me put on my devil-girl knee socks and my shiny black boots. Then, once you’re totally weak? I’m gonna flaunt my denim butt booty in that sorry stink face of yours… “


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Brutal Breakup: Swallow His Cum or Get Dumped by Miss Kendra

“Hand me my lipstick, I have a date… If you want me to keep you around, you’re going to have to sleep under the master bed – or in a cage in the basement – when I bring over my fucktoy boyfriends. If you agree, prove it to me by jerking your cock as you swallow my lover’s cum – or I’m kicking you out right now…”

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