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Lost Bet Humiliation with BJ Tease Turned CBT Bitch Stephanie

“If you won the bet, I’d be giving you an amazing blow job right now. I’d be on my knees, looking up into your eyes with my juicy red lips wrapped around your… BUT… I won the bet. So now I’m gonna pull your pants down and do whatever I please with your quivvering little cock and balls… Close your eyes… “


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Your Sadistic Ex-Wife Kendra Keeps You Locked in a Chastity Cage

“I can either keep you locked in this cock cage or I can reveal all your emasculating sexual weaknesses and your embarrassing sexual secrets to every woman you know. If you want to be released from your chastity cage you’ll have to submit a detailed written request to me, your darling ex-wife. Which will it be?… “

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Prom Queen Tessa Prepares to Humiliate You Again at the Reunion

“I didn’t think you’d show up at our school reunion after what I did to you at the prom all those years ago. I guess I’m going to have to put you in your place all over again. You know what’s really funny? The meaner I am to you, the more you fill your fist with love squirts for me. You disgusting, pathetic dweeb… “

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Princess Tiffani Turns You into a Sissy Fluffer for Her Fiancee

“When I told my fiancee that you’re my sissy slave, I thought he’d be furious. But he liked the idea of having a sissy to serve us both! I’m gonna make you fluff his big cock before we have sex and strip off his condoms after we cum. If you’re a good fluffer you can squirt your sissy piddles into his massive condoms… “

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Agony Arousal: Your Chastity Torment Session with Bratty Becky

“There’s good news and bad news, jizzy pants. The good news? I’m gonna let you take me shopping for bikinis. I’m gonna give you bikini bottom lap dances and let you worship my butt and boobies until you are ready to explode. The bad news? You have to wear a locked chastity cage. LOL @ YOU, jerky wuss…”

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Owned by the Boss: You Are Sadistic Selena’s Office Jerk Puppet

“I’ve dominated you, teased you, and kept your little cock stiff at work all week long. Now it’s 5 o’clock. You’re free to go home to ‘her.’ Or you can prove to me that you’re my jerk puppet. It’s up to you. Go home to her – or cum to my commands. And fill your fist with worship cream for me: your sadistic boss Selena…”

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Intern Missy Savagely Emasculates Your Worthless Sputtering Penis

“Thanks for bringing me on your business trip, bossy man. Gee, I’m impressed. I wore these stockings and heels to tease your cock super-stiff for me. So. Are you gonna show me who’s the big boss in the bedroom? Come on, I want to see it… Why are you blushing? I said, show me your big bad cock. Now!…”

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Dominant Stephanie Wears The Pants, You Wear the Wussy Panties

“I just got a promotion – and you don’t even have a job. You’re a pathetic excuse for a man and useless as a husband. If you’re going to stay home all day you’re going to be doing the housework in these: sissy panties and a punishment plug. Your first task is to prepare the bedroom for me and my new lover…”

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Goddess Kendra’s Strap-On Ultimatum: His Cock or My Cock?

“You’ve seen what I can do with my massive strap-on cock to a feeble sissy like you. Well, missy, you ARE going to take a cock tonight. In your mouth and up your ass. And if you can’t show me his ‘proof pudding’ – smeared all over your face and dripping down your butt cheeks? Then you’ll have MY cock to deal with.”

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Beg and Plead Princess Tessa Not to Break-up with You, Wussy

“Are you going to just stand there at the foot of my bed, drooling like an imbecile? Or are you going to start telling me how much you adore me and BEG me not to break up with you? Because I am THIS close to dumping you. Come on, loser, I’m getting bored with your babbling. What will you do to amuse me…”

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