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Miss Kendra Keeps You Weak, Stiff and Subservient at Work

“No matter how much you seethe at my success over you, we both know you secretly adore me. Especially when I wear miniskirts, pantyhose and stiletto heels – to mock and manipulate you. That laughable little bulge in your pants betrays you, weakling. And now you’re going to prove to me exactly how much I control you…” 8 minutes.
Kendra James from

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Sissy Trainer Stephanie Pimps You out on a Gay Date

“Since you’re a total failure as a man, I got the password to your dating site and changed your profile from Man Seeking Women to Sissy Seeking Cock. I’m making you a date with hunky guy who wants his massive dick sucked. Don’t worry, sissy. Stephanie is gonna teach you how to take care of your man…” 5 minutes.
Princess Stephanie from
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B-B-Beg Princess Tiffani Not to Break up with You

“Can you imagine what it would be like to be my wimp boyfriend? What degrading things would you do to make me laugh at you? Worship my boots? French kiss my ass? Would you give me worship strokes and plead for permission to pigsnot your fist and lick it up? Okay, crybaby… Get ready to start b-b-begging…” 10 minutes.
Princess Tiffani from
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Take the Loser Loyalty Test with Evil Princess Becky

“So, wussy. It’s your stupid loser wedding anniversary. You can buy your wife that gift or you can give it all up for me, evil Princess Becky. You can go home and fuck your wife, boring style. Zzz. Or I can turn you into my sissy fuckbrat and take all the cum from you, Becky style. It’s your choice, nawtee bitchboy, LOL…” 10 minutes.
Princess Becky from
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You Are Princess Missy’s Chastity Oinky Pig

Princess Missy puts on the lingerie you bought for her just to tease you into a state of total weakness. Once Missy gets the pigsnot precum running down your dick, she makes you a deal. Missy will let you worship her tits and ass – and lick her pussy – but only if you wear a locked chastity cage. Well, piggy? 10 minutes. 
Princess Missy from
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Small Penis Panty Humiliation at the Sorority

Snarky Princess Harley decides to humiliate you in front of her sorority sister Robin by making you strip and show off your tiny penis. After the sorority sisters have a huge laff at your tiny winkie, they decide to put you into panties and make you do sissy sorority chores. 12 minutes of small penis panty humiliation.
Princess Robin and Princess Harley from
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Manicure Humiliation with Your Ex Nichole

Every week your superbitch ex-wife Nichole uses your alimony to get her princess fingernails expensively manicured. Of course, with such long nails Nichole can’t do housework. So you have to clean the house that you lost to Nichole in the divorce settlement – while she’s using those nails your paid for to get her boyfriend’s cock stiff. HA HA! 5 minutes. 
Princess Nichole from
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Princess Liz Tricks You into Sissy Servitude

Princess Liz puts you thru a cruel tease and denial session to weaken you into wearing panties for her. One Liz gets you into panties? It won’t be long before she can coax you into a sissy maid dress and turn you into her helpless, fully-feminized sissy servant. Think you can resist you bitchy-bratty owner? 7 minutes.
Princess Liz from
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Princess Sari Trashes Your Loser Room

Snarky Princess Sari kicks in the door to your jerk-off palace so that she can have a huge laugh at your expense. Sari finds your weirdo-weakling porn stash, your hilarious pansy-geek barbells and your sticky, skanky hump pillow. What a sad little skidmark you are, loser. LOL at you! 6 minutes.
Princess Sari from
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Make a Worship Shrine to Cougar Akira

You are going to stay up all night tonite and prove to Goddess Akira that she owns your sputtering little cock – by making her a worship shrine. First you’re going to plaster your walls with photos and screen caps of sexy Akira. Then you’re going to plaster your sissy panties with worship cum for Akira. 7 minutes.
Princess Akira from
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