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Mean Princess Sari Makes You Eat Cum

Princess Sari is pissed. She trusts you to keep her bedroom clean, posh, sexy and prepared so she can have hot sex with her boyfriends. But you fucked up, didn’t you? Sari found one of her BF’s dirty, cum-filled condoms on the floor. Gross. Yick. Can you guess what’s gonna happen with that condom, you stupid jizzbucket wimp? 5 minutes. 
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College Intern Tori Plugs and Panties You

Your college intern Tori just learned all your most embarrassing submissive sexual weaknesses. She’s gonna spill the truth about your panty proclivities unless you willingly submit to be sissy-trained. You’re not in charge anymore, wussy panties. Mean Princess Tori is the boss of you now. Ready to be plugged and pantied? 11 minutes. 
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Bubblegum Cockteasing with Bratty Isobel

Bratty Princess Isobel knows that watching her snap her gum and blow bubbles makes you drool and makes your pecker stir in your pants. Isobel bets that she can wrap you around her little finger just as easily as she can twist her gum around her pinky. Once Isobel makes you stiff she can do anything she wants with you, loser. Anything. 13 minutes. 
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You Are Princess’s Michelle’s Foot Cuck

Michelle just fucked her boyfriend – and you’re not even worthy of sloppy seconds. You don’t get pussy, you don’t even get to worship Michelle’s perfect ass. You get to kiss Michelle’s toes and suck on the high heels of her fuck-me shoes. And you better do it with gratitude – unless you want a kick in the nuts and a spike heel up your wimp ass. 6 minutes. 
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Amazon Jasmine Mocks Your Tiny Cock

OMG! Are you kidding, little man? Look how tiny and pathetic you are! Amazon Jasmine’s pinky finger is bigger than that sputtering little twig you call a cock. Jasmine needs a real man who can fill an XL condom with his massive tool – not a wimpy wussy who can’t even fill an Xtra Small rubber. Silly little peanut! 3 minutes. 
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You Are Princess Missy’s Sorority Stooge

The Sorority’s Spring formal dance is this weekend. Like a fool, you splurged on a designer dress, jewels and a hotel suite for Missy and her girlfriends. They intend on trashing the suite and fucking their dates while you watch meekly from the closet. You get to wear Missy’s panties over your face and fuck your fist while Missy gets her cherry popped! 14 minutes. 
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Cougar Akira Transforms You into Her Sissy

Because you are an inadequate, impotent, complete failure as a man, Cougar Akira is demoting you from ‘sex toy’ to ‘sissy servant.’ You will wear a butt plug and sissy maid uniform to clean Akira’s house and serve drinks to her hottie girlfriends. If you resist? Akira is going to go public with all your embarrassing sexual secrets. 7 minutes. 
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Cruel Dre Calls You out and Castrates You

LOL @ you, loser! Sadistic and sartcastic, stand-up commedienne Dre busts into your bedroom and lays waste to your manhood, making fun of every aspect of your pathetic existence. Dre finds your porn stashes, your cum rags, your hilarious books on bodybuilding and attracting women… Ready to be called out and castrated by a total bitch? 12 humiliating minutes. 
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Miss Kendra Transforms You: Slob to Sissy

For someone who aspires to sissy servitude, you are really nothing but a sloppy, slovenly pig. Miss Kendra upbraids you for your filthy ways and confines you to a starched sissy maid uniform until you can pass her white glove inspection. Each time you fail inspection, Miss Kendra will punish you with a bigger, thicker pig plug. 10 emasculating minutes. 
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Your Cruel Ex-Wife Nichole Abuses You

You paid for her boob job. You paid for her million dollar jewelry collection. And you’re still gonna pay, wimp. Your sadistic ex-wife Nichole intends on draining you dry – including all the worship cum in your worthless little cock. Slide the alimony cash into Nic’s panties. Then slide your dick into your fist for the Queen of Mean. Your Ex-Wife Nichole. 3 minutes. 
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