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A Strap-On for Sugardaddy with Mean Missy

Stupid sugar daddy. Did you really think you could bribe your way into Missy’s bed? Well, Missy’s gonna fuck you alright. Her way. YOU are going to wear the lingerie. You’re gonna have your ass slapped and your hair pulled. And you’re gonna spread your legs for a good hard punishment fucking – after you lube the dildo with your loser pig snot cum. 16 minutes. 
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Your Ex Nichole Cucks You with His Cum

Your mean Ex Nichole luvs to use your embarrassing sexual secrets to humiliate you. So, unless you want Nichole to tell everyone what a sick, submissive wimp you are, you have to drink her boyfriend’s cum – and then slide his dirty XL comdom over your little pecker, so you can jerk out a worship puddle to your cruel Ex. As she taunts and laughs at you. 9 minutes. 
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Your Panty Humiliation with Miss Kendra

Miss Kendra knows that the best way to control you and dominate you is to make you wear frilly, lacy sissy panties beneath your silly real-man facade. Today, Miss Kendra is going to send you on a public ‘panty task’ designed to intimidate you, embarrass you pink and enslave you even further to the sinister charms of your cruel emasculatrix: Miss Kendra. 6 minutes. 
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Worship Goddess Jenny’s Legs and Feet

Are you going to stand there like a drooling imbecile? Or are going to make yourself useful for something and use your tongue to polish the designer high heels of your imperious Goddess? Jenny doesn’t need a paddle to punish you. All this cruel cold ice princess has to do is stare at you with her hands on her hips until you’re nothing but a pathetic little puddle at her feet. 4 minutes. 
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Small Penis Emasculation with Princess Dre

Princess Dre has a tongue like a whip. She can verbally castrate and publicly humiliate a man like the meanest, sharpest commedienne on the circuit. Imagine what this Diva of the Dis is going to do to YOU in the bedroom, wimp, when you pull out your pathetic little penis in front of her. Get ready for 12 minutes of relentless ball busting, cock taunting and dick shriveling humiliation. 
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Princess Tori Puppy-Trains You to Obey

Bossy Princess Tori loves to humiliate older dorks and weak little dweebs like you. Dominant Tori has a natural authority that will make you get down on all fours before she even cracks her crop. You’re going to learn to HEEL for puppy trainer Tori, to BEG for a bone in your mouth, and to gobble down all her boyfriend’s CUM from your doggie dish. Loser. 7 minutes. 
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