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Goddess Tessa Needs an Outfit Tester

Goddess Tessa has found a way to put your puppy dog lust for her to use. Crawl into Tessa’s bedroom on your hands and knees, lucky loser boy, because Tessa is going to let you be her lowly outfit tester. Tessa is going use your sputtering boner to help her decide which sexy dress to wear for the date she has with her man. If you do a great job, Tessa will let you take home the panties she’s wearing! 13 minutes. 
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Princess Michelle Cucks You with His Cum

Mean Princess Michelle uses her lover’s cum-blasted scuzz bags to put you in your cuckold loser place. You might get his cum smeared on your face, you might have his jizz shoved down your throat, or Michelle might decide to pull one of his dirty, sticky XL yick bags over your little microdick, so you can jerk out all your jealousy juice as Mean Michelle verbally castrates you. 4 minutes. 
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Miss Kendra Makes You Do It Like a Sissy

When Miss Kendra snaps on a latex glove you know you are about to have your must vulnerable places invaded and manipulated. Miss Kendra has used her latex-gloved fingers to interrogate you, violate you and break you. Today, Miss Kendra is going to make you orgasm without touching your ‘boy bits.’ You will learn to cum by being finger-fucked from behind – like the squirming sissy you are. 7 minutes. 
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It’s Panties to Work Week with Princess Sari

Sadistic, sardonic Princess Sari sends you to work every day in a different pair of frilly, lacy emasculation panties! You will wear your panties beneath your ridiculous real man costume so that the silky, feminine fabric tickles, mocks and teases your pathetic little sissy-man parts all day long. Each pair of your wussy work panties has it’s own special, humiliating meaning for you! 7 minutes. 
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Premature Emasculation with Cougar Akira

Gorgeous Akira Lane gives you the chance to prove that you are a man. Akira brings you into her bed and takes off her top, looking forward to a long night of hot sex. And what do you do, dorky boy? You spunk your underpanties with cum at the mere sight of Akira’s boobs! Haven’t you ever been with a woman? Are you that much of a mama’s boy? Ready to be humiliated and sent home in panties? 9 emasculating minutes. 
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Sorority Pledge Mistress Missy Spanks You

March your sassy ass to Pledge Mistress Missy’s room immediately, you pathetic wimp. After Missy strips you down and gives you a tongue-lashing you’re going to put on a pair of punishment panties – the same panties the sorority pledges wear for their spankings. But before Missy takes you across her knee, you’re going to the girls’ bathroom to spit out all your wussy cream. 13 humiliating minutes. 
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Miss Tessa Moves in and Regresses You

Your one-time girlfriend is now your daddy’s trophy wife! How humiliating! Tessa used you to seduce the big boss of your company and the true man of your house. Now, they’re married – which means your ex-girfriend will be making you do chores, monitoring your masturbatory habits – and sending you to your room for time-outs and spankings! She’s even gonna make you call her M-M-M… LOL @ You! 5 minutes. 
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Bratty Princess Harley Fucking Hates You

Princess Harley grew up a rich, pampered megabrat and she thinks you suck. She hates all the stupid expensive jewelry and the dumb designer lingerie you bought for her and now she’s about to rip you a new asshole for being such a shitty sugardaddy. In fact, you better start french kissing Harley’s Princess ass and promising to make more money to give her everything she wants. 6 minutes. 
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Jasmine Transforms You into Her SissiMaid

Amazon Princess Jasmine explodes when she finds a pair of her panties slathered with your sissy slime. Jasmine gives you an emasculating dressing down before stripping you and transforming you into her feminized sissy maid, right down to the ruffled white panties beneath your uniform. Now get down on your knees, worship your Mistress’ feet and BEG for her forgiveness you naughty sissy! 4 minutes. 
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Beg to Kiss Princess Robin’s Bikini Butt

18-year old Princess Robin thinks you’re a pathetic joke. She maxed out your credit card on bikinis, spike heels, ankle bracelets, and a bitchy mani-pedi. Your reward? Well, most of Robin’s sorority sisters give their sugar daddies blow jobs and fucky privileges. Not you, wimp! All you get to do is kiss Robin’s toes, beg to kiss her bikini butt, and plead to jerk your pecker into your loser doggie dish. 6 minutes. 
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