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New Year’s Humiliation with Princess Jess

Sadistic Princess Jess pops by your place before she goes clubbing on New Year’s Eve just to make you feel like the pathetic loser reject you are. Jess struts around your shithole in her rubber dress and thigh boots, having a good laugh at your cum-caked sheets while mercilessly teasing you about the New Year’s Eve pillow-humping jerkoff session you no-doubt have planned for the night. 9 minutes. 
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Gold Digging Princess Jenny Owns You

Ice Princess Jenny played you. She pretended to be a shy, demure, wanna-be mail order bride, all the while using your sexual fetishes to weaken you – until she got you, and a huge diamond ring, wrapped around her little finger. You foolishly married her without a pre-nup. Now you’re nothing but a pathetic puppet on a string to Jenny. And that’s exactly how she’s going to treat you. Idiot. Weakling. 7 minutes. 
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Bikini Bitch Harley Catches You Jerking

‘What the FUCK, loser!?!’ 19-year old bitch-brat Harley catches you spying on her and storms in on you just as you are about to jerk out a loser load. Harley commands you to show her your little pecker and busts out laughing at you. After she gets done humiliating you and taking a few pix of your little pecker to send to her girlfriends, Harley makes you jerk it for her. 4 minutes. 
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Suckytime Lessons with Miss Kendra

Open wide for mistress, sissy! Mean Miss Kendra is about to turn you into her cock-craving sucky slave – in three cruel lessons. First, Miss Kendra makes you nurse on an ‘i luv daddy’ baby pacifier, then she graduates you to a cute penis pacifier. Finally, when Miss Kendra determines that you are ready to give head for real, she cock-trains you to suck a life-size nine-inch dildo. 9 minutes. 
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Tiffani Points & Laffs at You as You Jerk It

Tiffani and her cheerleader girlfriends know that you spy on them while they’re practicing their cheers. They’ve even made up some humiliating cheers about you! Now Tiffani has cornered you and she intends on turning the tables on you. You have to jerk your little cock, jump up and down and do a dork-cheer while Tiffani shoots a humiliation video of you to share with her girlfriends! 5 minutes. 
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Miss Paige Locks You into Chastity

Miss Paige is a conservative Southern woman who firmly believes that wimp husbands and boyfriends belong in panties and chastity. Paige demonstrates how she uses a locking chastity cage to punish naughty wimp-cucks who defiantly smear their emasculation panties with futility squirts. 5 minutes. 
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Princess Missy Ruins Your Relationship

Missy came storming back from college when she found out who you proposed marriage to. No way, loser. Missy is intent on ruining your relationship by relentlessly slapping your face, spitting in your mouth and bossing you around until you weaken, stiffen, and wreck your engagement by loading her panties with your wimp-slime DNA. Then Missy’s gonna hand her panties to you-know-who. To destroy you. 20 minutes. 
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You Are Miss Tessa’s Substitute Sucker

Miss Tessa has a big problem on her hands. Her stud boyfriend is drunk in the living room, demanding the blowjob that she promised him. But Tessa doesn’t want to get her pretty face and makeup mussed. So, guess what, weakling? Tessa is going to feed him more drinks and lead him on… and then paint your face and pick out some lingerie for you to wear – so you can do her dirty work. 9 minutes. 
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A Sissy Maid for Princess Harley’s Sorority

19-year-old Harley’s sorority sisters asked her to train a submissive wimp to serve as the their sissy maid. Harley wants YOU for the job. Harley knows just what she needs to do to slide those lace panties up your legs and cinch that maid uniform tightly around your waist. Your first task is to scrub the girls’ bathroom with your toothbrush. Don’t make Harley have to discipline you in front of all the girls. 7 minutes. 
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Princess Isobel Is Back to Humiliate You

No one gets inside your peabrain and makes you feel like the submissive shitstain you are like emotional sadist Princess Isobel. Isobel takes 12 minutes from her busy modeling schedule to look you in the eye, strip your dignity, destroy your ego and verbally emasculate you completely. WARNING: potential permanent side effects of a session with Isobel include stuttering, bedwetting and impotence.
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