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Mean Princess Michelle is Your Cruel Cuckysitter

How embarrassing for you! Not only is your woman cheating on you, she hired college student Michelle to ‘cuckysit’ for you while she’s out with her new boyfriend! Michelle thinks this is hilarious. She loves treating you like the little sissywimp you clearly are. It’s sissypanties, a penis paci, and a big baba full of cuckdaddy cum for you, cucky. Better behave for Michelle!
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This Little Piggy: You Are Cheerleader Becky’s After Practice Foot Bitch

Bratty Becky stuffs her cheerleading socks into your mouth and giggles in your face, using her cute toes to make you weak and stiff. Becky teases you with her toes until your balls are blue as her cheerleading uniform. Call the online shoe boutique and drain yer credit card on sexy heels for Becky, she might let you drain your boner into her stinky cheerleading sock! 
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Rug Burns on Your Ugly Face: Remi Smothers You with Her Denim Booty

Rug burn? Try RUMP burn, wuss. Yer gonna have raspberries and muff marks all over your punk face – after Princess Remi gets done smothering you with her beautiful denim-clad butt. You can breathe thru the rips in Remi’s jeans and sniff and snort at that sweet patch of paradise where you’d love to twist your tongue. Beg for it, butt monkey. 
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You Fat Fuck! Bikini Bitch Stephanie Feeds You Your Cum-Slop

Sadistic Stephanie raids your fridge and rips you raw for being a disgusting fat fuck of a pig. See how tight and fit Stephanie is compared to you, blubber boy? Open your fat yap, so Stephanie can slide a big slimy glob of mayo down your gullet. You like the taste of that slop, pig? Steph’s been dumping her boyfriends’ condoms into the jar. Now swallow it! Soo-eey!



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Goddess Shea Mock-Teases You into Piddling Your Humpy Pillow

Even though you hate the way she teases you and belittles you, you can’t help but get a stiffy in your pjs when Goddess Shea mocks you in ba-ba boo-boo talk. Shea pulls out your humpy pillow and tease-talks you into showing her the pathetic way you pump your hips and piddle your humpy pillow with loser goo when you’re home alone. Awww! Wook at widdle humpy man! 
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Governess Kendra Scolds You, Strips You and Spanks Your Bare Bottom

Remember what it felt like when your pretty teacher kept you after school for punishment? Or when you were sent to be disciplined by the sexy-strict school principal? Miss Kendra knows exactly how to make your stomach churn, your knees go weak, and your face blaze red, as she tugs down your pants, stares you in the eye and prepares you for punishment. Naughty naughty boy.



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Your ‘Morning After’ Humiliation Session with Cuckold Princess Caitlyn

You waited up all night for Caitlyn to come home – and she never did. Not until early morning. You can cry your cuckold tears as Caitlyn peels off the slinky black dress she wore to seduce and have sex with your rival. Sniff-sniff. Poor cucky! It’s time for you to crawl to Caitlyn, kiss her ass, and beg for your sloppy seconds. Like the pathetic little cuckold cunt-licker you are. 
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Lip Gloss & Ankle Bracelets: You Are Princess Katie’s Outfit Tester

Princess Katie is getting dressed for a date and all you get to do is hand over her lipstick and clasp the anklet you bought for her. Poor fumblefingers! Did you really think Katie might date you? HA! Better take a good long look when she teases you with her skirt and cleavage – so you can make a big glob of lonely loser fistcream, when you’re jerking off to Katie later on.


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‘Fuck You, Peanut!’ Your Small Penis Reveal Session with Princess Angel

Sultry Princess Angel is all sweet and seductive with you – until she unzips your pants. Prepare yourself for a dick-wilting assualt of insults aimed straight at that baby-sized boner of yours. To humiliate you even more, after Angel gets done emasculating your erection, she’s gonna command you to your knees, so you can spit-toss your teensy cumload and lick it up! 
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Day and Night Humiliation with Your Office Intern Courtney

Cocktease Courtney keeps you stiff and denied all day at work, in her short skirts, stockings and heels. Your kinky intern loves showing you who the real boss is by coaxing you under her desk so you can worship her legs and feet. After work, Courtney brings you to her apartment, just to dump her boyfriend’s used condoms down your throat. What a fucking doormat of a boss you are!


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