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Your Boss Cassandra Turns You into Her Corporate Foot Servant

Cassandra got the promotion over you, even though she’s much younger. Now she’s your boss and your number one work duty is to keep Cassandra’s business shoes shiny, polished and perfect. If you can’t do it with the shoe shine kit your boss got for you, then you will do it under her desk with your tongue. Idiot. Do a great job and maybe she’ll ‘promote’ you to pedicures.


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Coochie Cucky Coo! Retro Princess Jamie Is Your Cuckysitter

Cuckysitter Jamie loves to tease you and remind you that your woman is out with another man – a real man! Poor cucky! First Jamie is going to put you into cute sissy rhumba panties. Then she’s gonna give you your paci while she prepares your special cucky ba-ba – just the way you don’t like it! HA HA! You’re going to drink every drop of your gooey yickums. Aren’t you cucky?
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Cuckolding Cobi Fucks Another Man in Your Bed

Meet Cuckolding Princess Cobi. She likes to fuck other guys in what used to be your marital bed – and then rub your face in it and laugh at you. Lick it up for Cobi, you pussy-whipped cuckyfuck, because cream pie privileges are all you get now. If you want to get off, you’re gonna have to press your ear against the wall of the master bedroom and jerk it to Cobi’s moans.


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You Are Princess Paige’s Outfit-Testing Worship Wimp

Southern Belle Paige is going clubbing tonite and she needs you – her little playtoy and servant – to worship her in the outfit you bought for her. Come on, sugar daddy, git on your knees. Kiss your Princess’s pretty red toes, tell her how lovely she looks – and when Paige gives you the command, you can show her just how much you adore her by pumping out a proof puddle. 
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You Will Make a Worship Shrine to Ice Princess Rhianna

She ignored you in school. Rejected you at the dance. And belittled you at the reunion. Ever since you sat behind her in class, when she’d fling her blond tresses in your face and sneer at you, you’ve had a raging crush on Ice Princess Rhianna. She knows it; that you still masturbate to her memory. Now Rhianna wants you to make a shrine to her hypnotic beauty.


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The Social Humiliation Network – Featuring Princess Erin and You

Princess Erin invites you back to her room at the sorority. You think you’re gonna get a blowjob. But Erin unzips you only so she can get a few pics of your laughable penis! Erin sends your humiliating penis pix to all 4,000 of her social network girlfriends – and then laughs at you as their texts and phone calls come pouring in… Freak, geek, pimpleprick, wuss… LOL @ U, loser! 
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You Are Keyholder Michelle’s Chastity-Caged Cocksucker

Princess Michelle loves to snap you into a chastity cage just to dangle your key and see what you’d do to win your release. So, wussy. Would you humiliate yourself completely for Michelle? Like coming home with another man’s cum spurts all over your face? Watch out, weakling. With her hypnotic eyes, Princess Michelle could make you do anything. ANYTHING.


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Princess Remi Busts in on You Just as You Are About to Jerk Off

If you ever get caught jerking off, you better pray it’s not by Princess Remi! Remi walks into your room just as you are about to squirt your spitload! She proceeds to rip you a new one – teasing and trashtalking you, including a supermean impersonation of you pulling your pecker. If you thought Remi was cruel to you in her ‘Loser Room’ humiliation session video… LOL! 
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Princess Becky Cockteases You into Becoming Her Bootslave Sugardaddy

Becky was hanging out at the mall with her classmates in their miniskirts and uniforms when she caught you staring at her legs. It didn’t take cockteaser Becky long to turn your weakness into five new pairs of spike heels boots charged on your credit card. Now, Boot Goddess Becky has you back in her room. You’re gonna tongue-polish and worship every pair of her boots, wimp.


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BAD BOY! NO! Goddess Shea Puppytrains Your Naughty Pecker

Instead of doing your sorority slave duties like a good little wimp, you’ve been sniffing panties and soiling stockings. BAD BOY! Sorority Pledge Trainer and Pro Dominatrix Goddess Shea snaps your naughty pecker into a ‘chastity muzzle’ and uses puppy training techniques to break you and train you to obey – including learning to BEG, HEEL and CUM on her command. 
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