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Spitface Revenge with Cruel Cuckold Princess Madison

Wanna kiss? LOL, loser. Madison is about to thrust her tongue down your throat – while she’s swishing around a sticky mouthful of your rival’s real-man cum! That’s right, wussy. Madison just blew your rival. And fucked him too. Madison’s going to spit his skank in your face and then make you swallow the cum from his condom. You pathetic fuckface weakling.


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Bikini Meanie Sophie Catches You About to J-J-J-Jerk Off to Her

Your friend’s little sister Sophie is back from college and she knows you have a laughable crush on her, dork. Sophie is by the pool with her girlfriends when she catches you spying and jerking your sad little boner to her. Sophie busts in on you with your pants down and humiliates the hell out of you. Is Sophie the meanest little sister ever? You’re about to find out, jerky boy!
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Sorority Slave Gets Strip-Teased by Sadistic Princess Zoe Rae

Look how pathetic you are. Kneeling in the corner of the sorority house as the girls undress, flinging their bras and panties across your face. Are you getting a desperation boner as you stare at Princess Zoe? LOL! Crawl to Zoe, shitstain. She’s got a treat for you. Something you can think about when you flood your fist with worship cum for Zoe later on. Now pucker up…


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You Are Cuckolded and Owned by Southern Belle Princess Paige

Sultry Princess Paige dresses like a debutante. She sounds so delicate and seems so demure… but behind the bedroom door? Paige is 100 percent dominant and in control. You are about to be seduced into cuckold servitude and humiliated. Ready to renounce your manhood for Paige? You will crawl, lick, suck – and swallow – just to make your Southern goddess smile. 
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3…2…1… Princess Michelle Commands You to Pump out the Loser Goo

Hey, fist fucker! Ready to be put through a ferocious jerkoff session? Princess Michelle loves to get into your head and use your weaknesses to turn you into her helpless little jizz puddle. Michelle is about to break down your feeble defenses and make you give your limp fist a good hard fucking for her. Have your sputtering little cock in hand, loser. Ready? 5… 4… 3… LOL!


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Smoking and Drinking Humiliation with Pissed Off Princess Remi

You are Princess Remi’s poolside servant at the resort. Your job is to pay for everything she wants, fetch drinks, light her cigarettes… and take every bit of public humiliation Remi is about to heap onto you. You will eat her ashes. You will have her cigarette smoke blown in your face… And if you dare refuse to drink the special ‘cocktail’ Remi has prepared for you…?
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You Are Cheerleader Becky’s Helpless Little Sock Puppet

Becky is back all sweaty from cheerleading practice – wanna sniff? You know you do, loser! Before Becky showers you are going to sniff her socks and kiss her toes and… WORSE! Guess what Becky’s gonna make you do into her stinky ankle sock – once she finishes rubbing her feet all over your face? Get ready to pump out the loser goo for foot tease Becky!


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Princess Shea Plugs You, Panties You and Cuckysits You

‘Awww! Does da widdle cuckywucky want his ba-ba?’ Princess Shea loves to belittle you! She thinks it’s hilarious that you are being cuckolded by your woman. Shea is going to mock you in boo-boo ba-ba talk as she snaps you into your sissipanties and makes you do suckums for her. You know what’s next: A mouthful of yummy real-man cum-cums. Open wide, cucky! 
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Black Gloved Goddess Selena Slaps Your Face Red and Raw

When Selena slides on her black, latex, elbow-length gloves, you know you are about to be humiliated. Do you hear the crinkle and crackling of your goddess’s fingers as she prepares to punish you? What will it be tonight? Will Selena invade all your private places? Will she extract things from you? Or will she bring you out in public to slap your face red and raw? Click and cower…
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Loser Degradation Session with Cruel Princess Caitlyn

Caitlyn is one of the meanest girls in the sorority house and she knows that because of your weakness for snobby blonde bitches, the worse she treats you the more you can’t resist her. Even if she makes you clean her toilet bowl with your toothbrush. Even if she writes ‘ass clown’ on your face with lipstick. Even if she dumps her boyfriend’s condoms on the floor and… 
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