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Princess Galas Catches You Jerking Off and Gives You a Spanking

What the fuck are you doing, you pathetic little dweeb?! Princess Galas busts in on you – just as you are about to load her panties with your loser goo. She reams you out for being a sad little jerky boy – and then commands you to squirt it all out into her dirty panties, so she can take you across her knee and spank the living hell out of you with her hairbrush. Bad bad boy.

000315_10galcaught_blogstill_400x300_0000_000315_10galcaught_0002_Layer 5.jpg 000315_10galcaught_blogstill_400x300_0001_000315_10galcaught_0003_Layer 4.jpg 000315_10galcaught_blogstill_400x300_0002_000315_10galcaught_0004_Layer 3.jpg 000315_10galcaught_blogstill_400x300_0003_000315_10galcaught_0005_Layer 2.jpg 000315_10galcaught_blogstill_400x300_0004_000315_10galcaught_0006_Layer 1.jpg

Sadistic Sissy Trainer Akira Commands You to Suck Cock

You like to wear panties like a little bitch? Then you are going to learn to suck cock and swallow cum like a little bitch. So says Mistress Akira, your sadistic sissy trainer. Akira is going to break you down psychologically and emotionally until you’re ready to go out in feminine frills and get facefucked – for real. It’s time for your cocksucking lesson! Open for mistress!
000314_06akiracock_blogstill_400x300_0000_000314_06akiracock_0003_Layer 7.jpg 000314_06akiracock_blogstill_400x300_0001_000314_06akiracock_0004_Layer 6.jpg 000314_06akiracock_blogstill_400x300_0002_000314_06akiracock_0006_Layer 4.jpg 000314_06akiracock_blogstill_400x300_0003_000314_06akiracock_0008_Layer 2.jpg 000314_06akiracock_blogstill_400x300_0004_000314_06akiracock_0009_Layer 1.jpg

Amazon Princess Jasmine Turns You into Her Pathetic Little Piglet

Oink-oink! Grunt! Snort! Amazon Princess Jasmine humiliates you by making you wear a pig nose, a ball gag, and a butt plug before she commands you to worship every inch of her luscious 6 foot body. If you wanna pull your porky pigtail and oink out a sooey squirt for Jazz, first you have to squirm and squeal and plead – like the filthy little piglet you are.

000317_02jaspig_blogstill_400x300_0000_000317_02jaspig_0001_Layer 11.jpg 000317_02jaspig_blogstill_400x300_0001_000317_02jaspig_0003_Layer 9.jpg 000317_02jaspig_blogstill_400x300_0002_000317_02jaspig_0005_Layer 7.jpg 000317_02jaspig_blogstill_400x300_0003_000317_02jaspig_0006_Layer 6.jpg 000317_02jaspig_blogstill_400x300_0004_000317_02jaspig_0007_Layer 5.jpg 000317_02jaspig_blogstill_400x300_0005_000317_02jaspig_0008_Layer 4.jpg 000317_02jaspig_blogstill_400x300_0006_000317_02jaspig_0009_Layer 3.jpg 000317_02jaspig_blogstill_400x300_0007_000317_02jaspig_0011_Layer 1.jpg

You Are Cuckold Goddess Stephanie’s Fist-Fucking Outfit Tester

Stephanie loves to rub your lonely loser status in your face before she goes out with other men. See the sexy outfit she’s wearing? It’s not for you, little mister fucky-fist. But you can get on your knees for Steph, kiss her ass and spank a worship puddle into your dog dish – as Stephanie laughs at you and tells you how pathetic, ridiculous, and disgusting you are. Lick it up, loser!
000316_11steptest_blogstill_400x300_0000_000316_11steptest_0001_Layer 8.jpg 000316_11steptest_blogstill_400x300_0001_000316_11steptest_0002_Layer 7.jpg 000316_11steptest_blogstill_400x300_0002_000316_11steptest_0003_Layer 6.jpg 000316_11steptest_blogstill_400x300_0003_000316_11steptest_0004_Layer 5.jpg 000316_11steptest_blogstill_400x300_0004_000316_11steptest_0005_Layer 4.jpg 000316_11steptest_blogstill_400x300_0005_000316_11steptest_0006_Layer 3.jpg 000316_11steptest_blogstill_400x300_0006_000316_11steptest_0007_Layer 2.jpg 000316_11steptest_blogstill_400x300_0007_000316_11steptest_0008_Layer 1.jpg

Mean Bitch Nichole Unzips You, Exposes You, and Drains You Dry

Nasty Nichole uses your sexual inadequacies to tease and trick you into becoming her helpless financial slave. Nichole teases your cock, unzips your pants, laughs at you, lashes out at you, and then takes total control of you and your sputtering little package. Your pathetic little wads belong to Nichole now. You will do what your darling diva says – or she will destroy you.

000319_07nicthreat_blogstill_400x300_0000_000319_07nicthreat_0000_Layer 15.jpg 000319_07nicthreat_blogstill_400x300_0001_000319_07nicthreat_0001_Layer 14.jpg 000319_07nicthreat_blogstill_400x300_0002_000319_07nicthreat_0002_Layer 13.jpg 000319_07nicthreat_blogstill_400x300_0003_000319_07nicthreat_0005_Layer 10.jpg 000319_07nicthreat_blogstill_400x300_0004_000319_07nicthreat_0006_Layer 9.jpg 000319_07nicthreat_blogstill_400x300_0005_000319_07nicthreat_0008_Layer 7.jpg 000319_07nicthreat_blogstill_400x300_0006_000319_07nicthreat_0009_Layer 6.jpg 000319_07nicthreat_blogstill_400x300_0007_000319_07nicthreat_0013_Layer 2.jpg 000319_07nicthreat_blogstill_400x300_0008_000319_07nicthreat_0014_Layer 1.jpg

Office Intern Becky Takes Control of Your Desperation Boner

Your office intern Becky loves to wear tiny plaid skirts with fishnet stockings and high heeled pumps to keep your cock stiff and throbbing for her all day long. When Becky sees the precum seeping thru your slacks she knows she has you exactly where she wants you: submissively stiff and desperate to do anything Becky commands. No matter how humiliating.
000318_06bkintern_blogstill_400x300_0000_000318_06bkintern_0000_Layer 13.jpg 000318_06bkintern_blogstill_400x300_0001_000318_06bkintern_0001_Layer 12.jpg 000318_06bkintern_blogstill_400x300_0002_000318_06bkintern_0004_Layer 9.jpg 000318_06bkintern_blogstill_400x300_0003_000318_06bkintern_0006_Layer 7.jpg 000318_06bkintern_blogstill_400x300_0004_000318_06bkintern_0007_Layer 6.jpg 000318_06bkintern_blogstill_400x300_0005_000318_06bkintern_0008_Layer 5.jpg 000318_06bkintern_blogstill_400x300_0006_000318_06bkintern_0009_Layer 4.jpg 000318_06bkintern_blogstill_400x300_0007_000318_06bkintern_0012_Layer 1.jpg

Princess Selena Pounds Your Sissy Pussy – with Your Own Cum

Princess Selena commands you to jerk the contents of your worthless little cock onto the head of her strap-on dildo, so she can use your ‘loser lube’ to give you a good, hard ass-fucking. Lie on your back, hold up your ankles, and prepare to have your own cum crammed back up your ass by Selena, as she gives you a ferociously rough punishment fucking…

enlarged_0000_000321_54selstr_still_0000_Layer 12.jpg enlarged_0001_000321_54selstr_still_0002_Layer 10.jpg enlarged_0002_000321_54selstr_still_0003_Layer 9.jpg enlarged_0003_000321_54selstr_still_0006_Layer 6.jpg enlarged_0004_000321_54selstr_still_0007_Layer 5.jpg enlarged_0005_000321_54selstr_still_0008_Layer 4.jpg enlarged_0006_000321_54selstr_still_0010_Layer 2.jpg enlarged_0007_000321_54selstr_still_0011_Layer 1.jpg


You Are Princess Caitlyn’s Teased & Denied, Pussy-Whipped Sugar Daddy

Princess Caitlyn teased your cock into a $1200 shopping spree. Now you’re back in her room at the sorority – and what do you get? You get to worship Caitlyn’s perfect ass and kiss her pretty toes as she ignores you. Don’t pout! You can crawl into Caitlyn’s closet and fuck your fist while she fucks her boyfriend in the sexy lingerie you bought for her. HA HA! Loser!
000320_09caittest_blogstill_400x300_0000_000320_09caittest_0000_Layer 5.jpg 000320_09caittest_blogstill_400x300_0001_000320_09caittest_0001_Layer 4.jpg 000320_09caittest_blogstill_400x300_0002_000320_09caittest_0002_Layer 3.jpg 000320_09caittest_blogstill_400x300_0003_000320_09caittest_0003_Layer 2.jpg 000320_09caittest_blogstill_400x300_0004_000320_09caittest_0004_Layer 1.jpg

Miss Kendra Tricks You into Playing the ‘Sissy 69’ Humiliation Game

Miss Kendra traps you into making ‘fuckface’ with another sissy while she watches! The ‘winner’ gets a mouthful of male ejaculate. The loser gets a panty-bottomed spanking across Miss Kendra’s lap. Not sure if you want to win or lose, babycakes? Don’t fret. Either way Miss Kendra is going to turn you into the internet’s latest viral video laughingstock…

enlarged_0000_000323_26kenjerk_1.jpg enlarged_0001_000323_26kenjerk_2.jpg enlarged_0002_000323_26kenjerk_3.jpg enlarged_0003_000323_26kenjerk_4.jpg enlarged_0004_000323_26kenjerk_5.jpg

Miss Cee Cee Transforms You into Her Feminized Personal Assistant

Miss Cee Cee is exquisitely manicured and utterly feminine and she demands the same from her underlings. You’re about to be plucked, primped, polished ‘n pantied to your diva boss’ sky-high standard of perfection. To begin your workplace emasculation you will have a glamour-length set of permanent French nails affixed to your fingers. Just like your sexy sophisticate boss!
enlarged_0000_000322_31ccboss_still_0000_Layer 8.jpg enlarged_0001_000322_31ccboss_still_0002_Layer 6.jpg enlarged_0002_000322_31ccboss_still_0003_Layer 5.jpg enlarged_0003_000322_31ccboss_still_0005_Layer 3.jpg enlarged_0004_000322_31ccboss_still_0006_Layer 2.jpg enlarged_0005_000322_31ccboss_still_0007_Layer 1.jpg