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You Are Princess Selena’s New Year’s Eve Outfit Tester

See how incredible Princess Selena looks for New Year’s Eve? Too bad you don’t get to go out with her! Aww! Don’t feel too bad, reject. You get to ring in your New Year by worshipping Selena in her sexy outfit, jerking your useless cock and – if you’re lucky – unloading all your worthless worship goo at her command. Happy New Year – you pathetic loser reject.


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Sadistic Stephanie Puppytrains You to HEEL, BEG and CUM!

When Stephanie finds your disgusting loser jizz in her panties she explodes at you. She cracks a crop and sends you to your knees. You are going to learn to suck and worship high heels, to beg to kiss Princess ass – and when you want to cum? You will do it on a puppy pad or in a dog dish. And you will ONLY make the puppy squirts when Stephanie commands you to…. CUM!
enlarged_0008_000328_14stepdog_still_0013_Layer 1.jpg enlarged_0007_000328_14stepdog_still_0012_Layer 2.jpg enlarged_0006_000328_14stepdog_still_0008_Layer 6.jpg enlarged_0005_000328_14stepdog_still_0007_Layer 7.jpg enlarged_0004_000328_14stepdog_still_0006_Layer 8.jpg enlarged_0003_000328_14stepdog_still_0005_Layer 9.jpg enlarged_0002_000328_14stepdog_still_0003_Layer 11.jpg enlarged_0001_000328_14stepdog_still_0002_Layer 12.jpg enlarged_0000_000328_14stepdog_still_0000_Layer 14.jpg

Jerk Off Instructional with Giggle Princess Galas

Princess Galas is totally amused at how horny you are. She gives you permission to jerk out a quickie if you agree to follow her EXACT jerk off commands. Just as you are about to cum, Princess G busts out laughing at you. She can’t help it! You look like such a stupid assclown when you’re jerking it! Ready to shoot your load for Princess? LOL @ YOU jerkyboy!


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Giantess Becky Commands You to Choke Your Tiny Cock for Her

In her sky-high thigh boots, Giantess Becky towers over you. Becky trash talks you for being such a tiny little twerp. Once your face is burning with shame, Becky orders you to pull out your pathetic little pud. OMG shrimpy! Look how tiny you are! It’s smaller than Becky’s pinky! Becky commands you to jerk it and make it squirt for her!
enlarged_0000_000330_23bkgiant_1_despeckle.jpg enlarged_0001_000330_23bkgiant_3.jpg enlarged_0002_000330_23bkgiant_4.jpg enlarged_0003_000330_23bkgiant_5.jpg enlarged_0004_000330_23bkgiant_6.jpg

Hot Cougar Nichole Needs You to Be Her Outfit Tester

Nichole has a date – but it’s not with you, wimp! Nichole is dating your motorcycle-riding rival. She intends on straddling his bike and fucking him every which way. She’s not wearing a bra or panties on her date. Don’t cry, cucky! You get to ‘test’ Nichole’s outfit. On your knees and show Nic how hot she is! Ready to worship her boobies, plead for pussy and jerk it for Nichole?
000332_01nictest_still_enlarged_0009_Layer 1 000332_01nictest_still_enlarged_0002_Layer 8 000332_01nictest_still_enlarged_0001_Layer 9 000332_01nictest_still_enlarged_0005_Layer 5 000332_01nictest_still_enlarged_0004_Layer 6 000332_01nictest_still_enlarged_0007_Layer 3 000332_01nictest_still_enlarged_0008_Layer 2 000332_01nictest_still_enlarged_0003_Layer 7 000332_01nictest_still_enlarged_0006_Layer 4 000332_01nictest_still_enlarged_0000_Layer 10

Fuck-Taunt Humiliation Session with Mean Princess Madison

Madison locks you in her closet while she has sex with her boyfriend. You have to watch and listen to everything. After he finishes fucking her, Madison lets you out of the closet – but only so she can taunt you with her steamy hot body. Does cucky wanna cum, too? HA HA. Okay, wussy. Madison is gonna command you to cum: like the totally humiliated cuckold wimp you are.


_0000_06madcuck_still_adjusted_layer1.jpg _0001_06madcuck_still_adjusted_layer10.jpg _0002_06madcuck_still_adjusted_layer3.jpg _0003_06madcuck_still_adjusted_layer4.jpg _0005_06madcuck_still_adjusted_layer6.jpg _0006_06madcuck_still_adjusted_layer7.jpg _0007_06madcuck_still_adjusted_layer8.jpg



Miss Kendra Plugs You and Puts You into Sissy Panties Before Your Date

Miss Kendra learned a laughable truth about you – that you signed up for a dating site… and you have an actual date! With a woman! LOL! Does she know that you’re a subscriber? That you’re a fist-fucking worship piddler? Well, she’s about to learn, loser. Miss Kendra is going to dress you for your date: it’s sissy panties and a butt plug for you!
000334_04kendate_still_adjusted_enlarged_0000_000334_04kendate_still_adjusted_layer1.jpg 000334_04kendate_still_adjusted_enlarged_0001_000334_04kendate_still_adjusted_layer3.jpg 000334_04kendate_still_adjusted_enlarged_0002_000334_04kendate_still_adjusted_layer5.jpg 000334_04kendate_still_adjusted_enlarged_0003_000334_04kendate_still_adjusted_layer6.jpg 000334_04kendate_still_adjusted_enlarged_0004_000334_04kendate_still_adjusted_layer7.jpg

You Are Cougar Akira’s ‘Outfit Testing’ Cuckold Wimp

Cougar Akira has a date with a younger man – one who can satisfy her, unlike you, reject. But you’re still going to pop that little blue pill for Akira – and use your sputtering erection to show her how you worship and adore her. Akira taunts and teases you until you’re ready to explode. Kiss Akira’s toes and beg to jerk your cucky cum into your doggie dish!


enlarged_0000_02akiratest_still_0000_Layer 9.jpg enlarged_0001_02akiratest_still_0001_Layer 8.jpg enlarged_0002_02akiratest_still_0002_Layer 7.jpg enlarged_0003_02akiratest_still_0003_Layer 6.jpg enlarged_0004_02akiratest_still_0004_Layer 5.jpg enlarged_0005_02akiratest_still_0005_Layer 4.jpg enlarged_0006_02akiratest_still_0006_Layer 3.jpg enlarged_0007_02akiratest_still_0007_Layer 1.jpg



You Are Princess Remi’s Pathetic Jerkyboy Loser

Princess Remi puts you thru a total trashtalking for being the pathetic jerkyboy you are. Remi makes you show her the way you masturbate to her videos – as she flicks her tongue at you and flaunts her bikini-clad body in your face. Will Remi let you gloob your fist wth worship goo for her? Or will she just bring you to the brink of cumming and keep you in agony all nite long?
10remjerk_still_adjusted_enlarged_0000_10remjerk_still_adjusted_layer10.jpg 10remjerk_still_adjusted_enlarged_0005_10remjerk_still_adjusted_layer8.jpg 10remjerk_still_adjusted_enlarged_0006_10remjerk_still_adjusted_layer9.jpg 10remjerk_still_adjusted_enlarged_0002_10remjerk_still_adjusted_layer2.jpg 10remjerk_still_adjusted_enlarged_0004_10remjerk_still_adjusted_layer6.jpg 10remjerk_still_adjusted_enlarged_0001_10remjerk_still_adjusted_layer10.psd 10remjerk_still_adjusted_enlarged_0003_10remjerk_still_adjusted_layer4.jpg

Butt Kissing Challenge with Perfect Princess Rhianna

Rhianna sees you’ve drenched your pants with precum while staring at her divine derriere. She snaps her thong, cocks her hips and uses her perfect ass to put you in a state of total agony and desperation. Would you like to kiss Rhianna’s ass? Would you like to worship it? Be her brown-noser? Be careful what you wish for, weakling. Evil Rhianna is going to make you cry.

000339_05rhiass_still_adjusted_enlarged_0000_000339_05rhiass_still_adjusted_layer2.jpg 000339_05rhiass_still_adjusted_enlarged_0002_000339_05rhiass_still_adjusted_layer4.jpg 000339_05rhiass_still_adjusted_enlarged_0003_000339_05rhiass_still_adjusted_layer5.jpg 000339_05rhiass_still_adjusted_enlarged_0004_000339_05rhiass_still_adjusted_layer6.jpg 000339_05rhiass_still_adjusted_enlarged_0001_000339_05rhiass_still_adjusted_layer3.jpg 000339_05rhiass_still_adjusted_enlarged_0005_000339_05rhiass_still_adjusted_layer7.jpg