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What a Real Man Gets: Cheerleader Captain Becky Rubs It in Your Face

Princess Becky shows you what you’d get if you were a real man: you get Becky in her princess pink bedroom, wearing her cheerleading uniform, with her hair in a ponytail, on her knees looking up into your eyes as she licks her lips, unzips your pants and… and… DREAM ON, retard! You are NOT a real man. But you can pull your pecker and pretend – as Becky taunts ‘n teases u!

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Forced Masturbation Instructional with Sadistic Princess Selena

Selena forces you to watch her slide on her stockings as she prepares for a nite of hot sex with her boyfriend. Once she teases your desperation boner stiff and sputtering, she puts you thru the most humiliating loser-reject jerk-off instructional you’ve ever experienced. Selena is gonna command you to cum in a way that proves to you how utterly pathetic you are.

enlarged_0004_000361_42selcum_still_0004_Layer 1.jpg enlarged_0003_000361_42selcum_still_0003_Layer 2.jpg enlarged_0002_000361_42selcum_still_0002_Layer 3.jpg enlarged_0001_000361_42selcum_still_0001_Layer 4.jpg enlarged_0000_000361_42selcum_still_0000_Layer 5.jpg

Boot Humiliation Session with Superbitch JAP Princess Stacie

Just how stupid are you? Your ex-girlfriend Stacie said she might consider dating you again if you drain your back account to buy her a pair of designer thigh boots. When you show up for your date, all you get from Stacie is sent to your knees for a boot humiliation session, before her real boyfriend arrives to take her out. HA HA! Kiss those booties, dumbass.

enlarged_0000_000364_12staboot_still_layer1.jpg enlarged_0001_000364_12staboot_still_layer2.jpg enlarged_0002_000364_12staboot_still_layer3.jpg enlarged_0004_000364_12staboot_still_layer5.jpg enlarged_0005_000364_12staboot_still_layer6.jpg enlarged_0006_000364_12staboot_still_layer7.jpg enlarged_0007_000364_12staboot_still_layer8.jpg


Miss Kendra Brainwashes You to Suck Cock on Her Command

Miss Kendra demands 100 percent obedience from her sissy slaves, no matter how degrading her demands. When Miss Kendra hits the speed dial on her cell and texts you the message LICK AND SUCK, you will change into sissy lingerie, paint your lips and prepare to be sent on a cock-sucking assignment, to please and enrich your dominant mistress, Miss Kendra.

enlarged_0000_000363_30kensuck_still_layer1.jpg enlarged_0001_000363_30kensuck_still_layer2.jpg enlarged_0002_000363_30kensuck_still_layer3.jpg enlarged_0003_000363_30kensuck_still_layer4.jpg enlarged_0004_000363_30kensuck_still_layer5.jpg

Bikini Goddess Lily Wants Your Wimp Worship Strokes

Lily tricked you into taking her to a posh beach resort – only to dump you for the massively-hung surf instructor! Now your ‘vacation’ consists of your wussy whimpers as Lily lotions her lusty body between sex sessions. You beg Lily to take pity on you and dribble a blob of her baby oil down your sputtering stub. Will Lily give you the cum command? Or merely tease, mock and deny you?

enlarged_0000_000366_03lilywors_still_0000_Layer 7.jpg enlarged_0001_000366_03lilywors_still_0002_Layer 5.jpg enlarged_0002_000366_03lilywors_still_0003_Layer 4.jpg enlarged_0003_000366_03lilywors_still_0004_Layer 3.jpg enlarged_0004_000366_03lilywors_still_0005_Layer 2.jpg enlarged_0005_000366_03lilywors_still_0006_Layer 1.jpg


Cucky Humiliation: Dani and Remi Compare U to Their Studbull Men

Stand in the corner, strip and put your penis on display for Dani and Remi – so they can compare you to their studbull boyfriends… IS that as BIG as you can make your boner?!? No wonder all you’re good for is cuckie creampie cleanups and sissy cock fluffing! With a worthless little weewee like that you have no hope, fukky fist. Ready to piddle one out for your Princesses?

enlarged_0000_000365_53drcucku_still_0000_Layer 9.jpg enlarged_0001_000365_53drcucku_still_0001_Layer 8.jpg enlarged_0002_000365_53drcucku_still_0002_Layer 7.jpg enlarged_0003_000365_53drcucku_still_0003_Layer 6.jpg enlarged_0004_000365_53drcucku_still_0004_Layer 5.jpg enlarged_0005_000365_53drcucku_still_0005_Layer 4.jpg enlarged_0006_000365_53drcucku_still_0006_Layer 3.jpg enlarged_0007_000365_53drcucku_still_0007_Layer 2.jpg enlarged_0008_000365_53drcucku_still_0008_Layer 1.jpg

Princess Becky Plugs You and Forces You to Hump Your Plllow

Becky’s wearing her spike heel thigh boots and brandishing a butt plug. Hmm… I wonder what’s gonna happen to you, loser? LOL! Get ready for your most humiliating forced ejaculation session, EVER, wussy. Becky is about to corkscrew a spit-lubed butt plug up your ass and then force you to humpyfuck your pillow – as she laughs and laughs and laughs at you!

enlarged_0000_000368_32bkplug_still_0000_Layer 7.jpg enlarged_0001_000368_32bkplug_still_0001_Layer 6.jpg enlarged_0002_000368_32bkplug_still_0002_Layer 5.jpg enlarged_0003_000368_32bkplug_still_0003_Layer 4.jpg enlarged_0004_000368_32bkplug_still_0004_Layer 3.jpg enlarged_0005_000368_32bkplug_still_0005_Layer 2.jpg enlarged_0006_000368_32bkplug_still_0006_Layer 1.jpg


Lost Bet Humiliation Part 1: Tennis Champ Courtney Forces You to… ?

You idiot. You bet Princess Courtney you could beat her in tennis, not knowing she’s a ranked tournament player! She humiliated you on the clay – ending the game with a backhand smash into your blueballs. And now Courtney is about to collect on your bet, by humiliating you in private. What do you think she’s gonna do to you!?

enlarged_0000_000367_42courtballs_still_layer1.jpg enlarged_0001_000367_42courtballs_still_layer2.jpg enlarged_0002_000367_42courtballs_still_layer3.jpg enlarged_0003_000367_42courtballs_still_layer4.jpg enlarged_0005_000367_42courtballs_still_layer6.jpg enlarged_0007_000367_42courtballs_still_layer8.jpg

Princess Michelle Humiliates You with Her Boyfriend’s Loaded Condoms

Come on, wussy. It’s safe to crawl out of the closet – Michelle’s bullcock boyfriend is gone. He fucked her three times. Did you hear them, cucky? They were laughing at you! Looks like boyfriend left behind a few presents for ya. And Michelle is going to use those loaded up Alpha male fuckbags to remind you who rules your bedroom – and who gets the sloppy seconds.

enlarged_0000_000370_13michcuck_still_0000_Layer 5.jpg enlarged_0001_000370_13michcuck_still_0001_Layer 4.jpg enlarged_0002_000370_13michcuck_still_0002_Layer 3.jpg enlarged_0003_000370_13michcuck_still_0003_Layer 2.jpg enlarged_0004_000370_13michcuck_still_0004_Layer 1.jpg


Cruel Stephanie Catches You in Her Panties and Hires a Cuckysitter

Your wife Stephanie loves having sex with your work rivals and telling her girlfriends what a useless little sissy you are in the bedroom. Instead of putting your foot down like a man, you meekly jerk off into your wife’s dirty panties while she’s getting laid. Stephanie’s had enough. When she catches you in the act she decides to hire a college girl to ‘cuckysit’ you!

enlarged_0000_000369_20stepsiss_still_layer1.jpg enlarged_0001_000369_20stepsiss_still_layer2.jpg enlarged_0002_000369_20stepsiss_still_layer3.jpg enlarged_0003_000369_20stepsiss_still_layer4.jpg enlarged_0004_000369_20stepsiss_still_layer5.jpg