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Your Dominant Boss Selena Demotes You Under Her Desk

Selena got the promotion over you by exploiting your weakness for shapely legs and feminine feet. Now, as your boss, she treats you more like a slave or sissy than a man. Selena orders you to tongue-polish her high heels and worship her feet – before commanding you to masturbate for her in the most humiliating way a pathetic little foot slave like you could imagine.

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Princess Remi Force Feeds You Your ‘Loser Mayo’ Wimp Slop

To Princess Remi you are nuthin but a flabby sorry stinky sack of shit – with boy boobs and a lard ass. Open your fridge, you fat fuck, and crawl to Remi with your jumbo jar of ‘loser mayo’ – the one where she dumps out all her boyfriends’ used condoms. Remi’s gonna force feed you your wimp slop, and then make you jerk your pig jizz into the jar. You disgusting fat fuck.

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Princess Ashlee Teases You into Fucking Your Fist for Her

Ashlee heard you have plans to go on a date – instead of jerking out worship puddles for her at like the bitchboy you are. So she’s putting on a bikini to tease all the cum out of your sputtering little cock. Let’s see how long it takes Ashley to make you flood your fist with love squirts, as she taunts you with her hot body and laffs at how pathetic you are.

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Princess Ashlee Wants You to Worship Her Perfect Ass

Meet Princess Ashlee. She got kicked out of college for teasing her profs into giving her A’s in exchange for ass kisses and foot worship sessions. Now she has her sights set on you, loser: your wallet, your weaknesses, and that two-inch stub sticking up in your dork pants. Cancel your plans and click the join button, puppet. You are about to be owned by Ashlee.

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Wimp Sex: Akira Turns You into Her ‘Crybaby Cuckold’

After cuckolding you in the closet while she has hot sex with her boyfriend, Akira puts you thru a verbal castration session that nearly brings you to tears. Poor crybaby cuckold! Akira takes pity on you and lets you have ‘wimp sex’ with her. What’s wimp sex? Nipple sucking and pussy licking – while you rub your own little stub! How pathetic!

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Recession Humiliation: Nichole Cocktrains You to Suck for $

Your spoiled princess wife Nichole doesn’t care about the economy. All she knows is that you’re not bringing home her gold and diamonds like a sugar daddy should. And if you can’t earn like a man, Nichole is gonna pimp you out and force you to turn tricks like a slut. Cocksucking 101 class starts tonight. You’re about to learn ‘The Art of the $5 Sissy Blowjob.’

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