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Courtney Lets You to Cum into Her Boyfriend’s Sticky XL Condom

Sorority Bitch Courtney makes you prepare her bedroom and stand in her closet while she’s having sex with her boyfriend. Your reward? You get to slide your master’s massive condom over your measly little peepster as Courtney taunts you. Wanna fuck your fist and cum for Goddess Courtney? Okay, loser. First you have to drink her boyfriend’s jizzload. GULP! HA HA!

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Recession Humiliation with Your Cruel Cuckolding Wife Stephanie

Because you are a total fuckup as a breadwinning man, your hot wife Stephanie had to pay the pool guy with her mouth, ass and pussy. Now you get to do YOUR job, mr worthless, the only job you’re capable of holding down: Pussy-licker. Ass worshipper. Toe kisser. Bury your face in your dominant wife’s cum-drenched panties and say, ‘th-thank you for cuckolding me Steffi.’

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Spike Heel Suck-Off Slave: Boot Humiliation with Amy and Becky

You pathetic worthless piglet. Strip naked, get on your knees, put your hands behind your back and await the first degrading command from your sadistic boot goddesses. Amy and Becky have devised some sick and twisted strategies to humiliate you with their spike heeled dominatrix boots. So close your eyes, open your yap and get ready to… OMG!

000404_20abboot_still_enlarged_0002_Layer 1 000404_20abboot_still_enlarged_0001_Layer 2 000404_20abboot_still_enlarged_0000_Layer 3

Dani and Remi Send You to Work in Panties and a Pluggy for a Week!

It’s Humiliation Assignment time for you, naughty sissy! Dani and Remi pick out a week’s worth of emasculating sissy panties for you to wear to work! Pink panties! Frilly panties! From thongs to grannies! They’re gonna force you to wear panties and a butt plug to work every day – to make you squirm, suffer, and remind you of your proper sissy place.

000403_105drsis_still_enlarged_layer1 000403_105drsis_still_enlarged_layer2 000403_105drsis_still_enlarged_layer3 000403_105drsis_still_enlarged_layer4 000403_105drsis_still_enlarged_layer5

Goddess Siren Commands You to Spit Out the ‘Boot Cream’ for Her

Okay, fist-fucker. You are going to prove exactly what your worthless cum loads were made for – by using a fistload of your pigsnot to polish the soles of Siren’s thigh high leather boots. And then lick them clean! That’s right, loser. You will use your tongue to cum-polish the bottoms of your goddess’s boots. Unless you want your face slapped raw and your dick and balls karate kicked…

000408_03sircum_still_enlarged_0000_layer8 000408_03sircum_still_enlarged_0001_layer7 000408_03sircum_still_enlarged_0002_layer6 000408_03sircum_still_enlarged_0003_layer5 000408_03sircum_still_enlarged_0004_layer4 000408_03sircum_still_enlarged_0005_layer3 000408_03sircum_still_enlarged_0006_layer2 000408_03sircum_still_enlarged_0007_layer1

CBT for a Bad Sugar Daddy: You Will Take Princess Lily Shopping – or Else!

Princess Lily wants you to take her shopping, sugar daddy. And unless you do EXACTLY what Lily wants, you will have your worthless cock and balls pinched, flicked, tickle-teased, and clothes-pinned! If your credit card has a loser-limit, you will soon learn why sadistic Princess Lily keeps her fingernails long and sharp. Now strip and present for Princess!

  000406_18lilycbt_still_enlarged_0007_Layer 1 000406_18lilycbt_still_enlarged_0006_Layer 2 000406_18lilycbt_still_enlarged_0005_Layer 3 000406_18lilycbt_still_enlarged_0004_Layer 4 000406_18lilycbt_still_enlarged_0003_Layer 5 000406_18lilycbt_still_enlarged_0002_Layer 6 000406_18lilycbt_still_enlarged_0001_Layer 9 000406_18lilycbt_still_enlarged_0000_Layer 10

Hair Slave for Princess: Beg to Worship Becky’s Silky Soft Tresses

Princess Becky notices your little cock getting stiff while she’s brushing out her thick long hair before a date with her boyfriend. How pathetic! Does wimpy have a hair fetish? Becky teases you with her tresses, flipping her shampoo-sweet hair in your face until you’re begging to be her salon slave. So, loser. What would you do to have the privilege of being Becky’s brush bitch?

000405_45bkhair_still_enlarged_0007_Layer 1 000405_45bkhair_still_enlarged_0006_Layer 2 000405_45bkhair_still_enlarged_0005_Layer 3 000405_45bkhair_still_enlarged_0004_Layer 4 000405_45bkhair_still_enlarged_0003_Layer 9 000405_45bkhair_still_enlarged_0002_Layer 11 000405_45bkhair_still_enlarged_0001_Layer 10 000405_45bkhair_still_enlarged_0000_Layer 12

Pick-Up Line Practice with Put-Down Princess Selena

Princess Selena taunts you for being a timid, dick-jerking porn-obsessed wimp hiding behind your computer screen. She dares you to meet her out at the pick-up bars then proceeds to lay waste to your manhood by humiliating you in public. Imagine a dominant diva like Selena forcing you to kiss her toes, worship her ass, and jerk out a worship puddle in front of a bar full of hotties!

000407_08selpick_still_enlarged_layer1 000407_08selpick_still_enlarged_layer2 000407_08selpick_still_enlarged_layer3 000407_08selpick_still_enlarged_layer4 000407_08selpick_still_enlarged_layer5 000407_08selpick_still_enlarged_layer6 000407_08selpick_still_enlarged_layer8

Wanna Help Princess Remi Get Ready for a Date?

Princess Remi’s in her bedroom wearing nuthin but a bra and panties, getting ready for a hot date. But don’t get TOO excited, loser, cuz the date is definitely NOT with you. You can get down on your knees, rub your little cock up and down and tell Remi how you worship and adore her. Maybe she’ll toss you a pair of her dirty panties to fill up with your futility squirts!

000410_04remdate_still_enlarged_0007_layer1 000410_04remdate_still_enlarged_0006_layer2 000410_04remdate_still_enlarged_0005_layer3 000410_04remdate_still_enlarged_0004_layer4 000410_04remdate_still_enlarged_0003_layer5 000410_04remdate_still_enlarged_0002_layer6 000410_04remdate_still_enlarged_0001_layer7 000410_04remdate_still_enlarged_0000_layer8

Princess Isobel Jackhammers Your Wussy-Pussy with Her Pink Strap-On

Do you wonder what it’s like to take a punishment fucking by a strap-on wielding sorority bitch? No one can turn a man into a panty-ass, dick-sucking, wanna-be fuckbrat like Princess Isobel. She forces you into pink lingerie and makes you take her cum-slathered fuck-stick all the way up your wussy-pussy until you’re looking into her eyes and lisping, ‘I’m your sissy fuckbrat, Princess Isobel!’

000409_75isofuck_still_enlarged_0000_layer7 000409_75isofuck_still_enlarged_0001_layer6 000409_75isofuck_still_enlarged_0002_layer5 000409_75isofuck_still_enlarged_0003_layer4 000409_75isofuck_still_enlarged_0004_layer3 000409_75isofuck_still_enlarged_0005_layer2 000409_75isofuck_still_enlarged_0006_layer1