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Princess Becky Puppy Trains You to Cum on Command

Princess Becky is so mad at you! She can’t have a doggy in the expensive condo you got for her! But that doesn’t mean she can’t have a pet! YOU are going to be Becky’s puppy. And the first thing you need to learn is to make your Becky love squirts on your puppy pad – when Princess gives you the CUM command. Don’t disobey Princess or you will be punished, naughty puppy!

000416_14bkpup_still_enlarged_0008_layer1 000416_14bkpup_still_enlarged_0007_layer2 000416_14bkpup_still_enlarged_0006_layer3 000416_14bkpup_still_enlarged_0005_layer4 000416_14bkpup_still_enlarged_0004_layer6 000416_14bkpup_still_enlarged_0003_layer7 000416_14bkpup_still_enlarged_0002_layer8 000416_14bkpup_still_enlarged_0001_layer9 000416_14bkpup_still_enlarged_0000_layer10

Mallbrat Missy Teases You into Taking Her Panty Shopping

When Mallbrat Missy catches you staring at her booty she decides to turn you into her helpless panty slave. Missy teases you into blowing off work so you can blow your entire wallet wad on panty sets for Princess! You get to watch Missy wiggle-jiggle and lick her lolly until you’re blueballed and broke. Maybe she’ll feel sorry for ya and toss you her stinky-sweaty old panties!

000415_31missshop_still_enlarged_0000_layer10 000415_31missshop_still_enlarged_0001_layer9 000415_31missshop_still_enlarged_0002_layer8 000415_31missshop_still_enlarged_0003_layer7 000415_31missshop_still_enlarged_0004_layer6 000415_31missshop_still_enlarged_0005_layer5 000415_31missshop_still_enlarged_0006_layer4 000415_31missshop_still_enlarged_0007_layer2

You Are Princess Katrina and Mandy’s Pathetic Outfit Tester

Kat and Mandy are getting glammed up to go out and pick up some real men. But first they need you to get on your knees, kiss their high heels, worship their legs, peek up their skirts, sniff their pussies and tell them how totally hot they look. Maybe they’ll even let you show them – by allowing you to shoot a ‘proof puddle’ into your doggie dish! Don’t forget to lick it all up – loser!

000418_01mandykat_still_enlarged_0008_Layer 1 000418_01mandykat_still_enlarged_0007_Layer 2 000418_01mandykat_still_enlarged_0006_Layer 3 000418_01mandykat_still_enlarged_0005_Layer 4 000418_01mandykat_still_enlarged_0004_Layer 5 000418_01mandykat_still_enlarged_0003_Layer 6 000418_01mandykat_still_enlarged_0002_Layer 7 000418_01mandykat_still_enlarged_0001_Layer 8

Humiliatrix Princesses Amy and Becky Tease You into Jerking Off Before Rewarding You with Girly Drool

Amy and Becky love to watch losers like you get so excited that they will do anything for their princesses. Wearing sexy lingerie and licking lollipops, Amy and Becky lick and suck and tease until your tiny cock is ready to explode. Finally they command you to strip and jerk.  You moan and they laugh. You beg and they get more sadistic! Don’t piss them off – unless you want them to spit right in your face, little mister! HA HA!

000417_30abspit_still_enlarged_0009_Layer 1 000417_30abspit_still_enlarged_0008_Layer 2 000417_30abspit_still_enlarged_0007_Layer 3 000417_30abspit_still_enlarged_0006_Layer 4 000417_30abspit_still_enlarged_0005_Layer 5 000417_30abspit_still_enlarged_0004_Layer 6 000417_30abspit_still_enlarged_0003_Layer 7 000417_30abspit_still_enlarged_0002_Layer 8 000417_30abspit_still_enlarged_0001_Layer 9 000417_30abspit_still_enlarged_0000_Layer 10



You Are Princess Nikki’s Chastity Caged Cuckold Clean-up Slave

Nikki is your diabolical slut wife. She gave a contractor a BJ right in front of you. She keeps you in chastity and only lets you cum after her boyfriend fucks her. if you want jerking privileges you have to arrange their sex dates! Cruel Nikki forces you to squirt your useless cuckloads into his dirty cum-filled XL comdoms – on your knees as you worship her pussy and ass!

000420_71njclean_still_enlarged_0004_Layer 1 000420_71njclean_still_enlarged_0003_Layer 2 000420_71njclean_still_enlarged_0002_Layer 3 000420_71njclean_still_enlarged_0001_Layer 4 000420_71njclean_still_enlarged_0000_Layer 5

Princess Remi Invades Your Loser Pig Pen and Rips You a New One

You dream of sneaking into Remi’s bedroom so you can sniff her ankle socks and humpy-cum her cheerleading panties. Now Remi’s busting into YOUR room – ripping back your slimy sheets, uncovering your loser porn collection, putting you thru a humiliating underpants inspection and laying the vicious verbal smack on you for being a filthy pervert pig.

000419_49remlose_still_enlarged_0009_Layer 2 000419_49remlose_still_enlarged_0008_Layer 3 000419_49remlose_still_enlarged_0007_Layer 4 000419_49remlose_still_enlarged_0006_Layer 5 000419_49remlose_still_enlarged_0005_Layer 6 000419_49remlose_still_enlarged_0004_Layer 7 000419_49remlose_still_enlarged_0003_Layer 8 000419_49remlose_still_enlarged_0002_Layer 9 000419_49remlose_still_enlarged_0001_Layer 10 000419_49remlose_still_enlarged_0000_Layer 11

You Are Princess Becky’s Pussy-Fluffing, Panty-Faced Sugar Daddy

Princess Becky loves the fuck-me boots you just bought for her! She’s so pleased with you that she’s going to let you stand in her closet with a pair of her warm wet panties over your face while she fucks her boyfriend in her new fuck-me boots. Would you like permission to make a worship squirt into Becky’s panties? Hmm? You can beg better than THAT, sugar daddy!

000422_61bkfuck_still_enlarged_0012_Layer 1 000422_61bkfuck_still_enlarged_0011_Layer 2 000422_61bkfuck_still_enlarged_0010_Layer 3 000422_61bkfuck_still_enlarged_0009_Layer4 000422_61bkfuck_still_enlarged_0005_Layer 8 000422_61bkfuck_still_enlarged_0004_Layer 9 000422_61bkfuck_still_enlarged_0002_Layer 11 000422_61bkfuck_still_enlarged_0001_Layer 12 000422_61bkfuck_still_enlarged_0000_Layer 13

Miss Kendra Reduces You to a Sissy & Prepares You for Your Cuckysitter

Miss Kendra is the meanest MILF! Not only is she dating other men and flaunting it in your face. When Kendra goes on dates she dresses you in emasculating sissy clothes and leaves you with a cuckysitter! Tonight you’re gonna be force-fed your real-man rival’s warm milky ‘victory juice.’ Sucky-sucky cucky wucky! Or else have your panties stripped off for a…

000421_16kencucky_still_enlarged_0010_Layer 1 000421_16kencucky_still_enlarged_0009_Layer 2 000421_16kencucky_still_enlarged_0008_Layer 3 000421_16kencucky_still_enlarged_0007_Layer 4 000421_16kencucky_still_enlarged_0006_Layer 5 000421_16kencucky_still_enlarged_0005_Layer 6 000421_16kencucky_still_enlarged_0004_Layer 7 000421_16kencucky_still_enlarged_0003_Layer 8 000421_16kencucky_still_enlarged_0002_Layer 9 000421_16kencucky_still_enlarged_0001_Layer 10 000421_16kencucky_still_enlarged_0000_Layer 11

Handjob From Hell: Princess Isobel Torments and Denies Your Cock

Tickle tickle… FLICK! Princess Isobel teases your sad little cock until you’re begging to cum. She brings it to her lips and scratches your sensitive foreskin but instead of letting you explode in her pouty pink mouth or her soft pretty hands, she mercilessly slaps your blueballs and flicks the head of your cock. It’s tease and denial hell with cruel manipulatrix Isobel!

000424_47isocbt_still_enlarged_0011_Layer 1 000424_47isocbt_still_enlarged_0010_Layer 2 000424_47isocbt_still_enlarged_0009_Layer 3 000424_47isocbt_still_enlarged_0007_Layer 5 000424_47isocbt_still_enlarged_0006_Layer 6 000424_47isocbt_still_enlarged_0005_Layer 7 000424_47isocbt_still_enlarged_0003_Layer 9

Boot Goddess Siren Turns You into Her Heel-Sucking, Sole-Licking Slave

China rules the world. And Boot Goddess Siren owns you, weak little Western man. Siren’s father bought your company as a present for her 19th birthday. You will lick Siren’s designer boots clean and take an ass whipping when Princess is in a bad mood. Obey Siren’s commands or end up in her father’s shoe factory making a dollar a day. Now lick those boot soles, idiot!

000423_01sirboot_newgif_still_enlarged_0007_Layer 1 000423_01sirboot_newgif_still_enlarged_0006_Layer 2 000423_01sirboot_newgif_still_enlarged_0005_Layer 3 000423_01sirboot_newgif_still_enlarged_0004_Layer 4 000423_01sirboot_newgif_still_enlarged_0003_Layer 5 000423_01sirboot_newgif_still_enlarged_0002_Layer 6 000423_01sirboot_newgif_still_enlarged_0001_Layer 7 000423_01sirboot_newgif_still_enlarged_0000_Layer 8