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Your Dream Job: Princess Selena’s Cum-licking Clean-up Slave

Being a cuckold to a humiliatrix like Selena means standing in her bedroom closet with a whipped ass and pair of dirty panties in your mouth while she fucks her boyfriend. After he zips up, you get to crawl between her steamy, sticky thighs and await her commands. Will Selena grant you pussy-licking privileges? Or will she force your face up her cum-splattered ass?

000464_28selslave_still_enlarged_0008_Layer 1 000464_28selslave_still_enlarged_0007_Layer 2 000464_28selslave_still_enlarged_0006_Layer 3 000464_28selslave_still_enlarged_0005_Layer 4 000464_28selslave_still_enlarged_0004_Layer 5 000464_28selslave_still_enlarged_0003_Layer 6 000464_28selslave_still_enlarged_0002_Layer 7 000464_28selslave_still_enlarged_0001_Layer 8 000464_28selslave_still_enlarged_0000_Layer 9

Bikini Goddess Stephanie Sexually Humiliates You and Blackmails You

You pathetic pervert. When Steffi catches you videotaping her while she suns herself by the pool, she decides to turn the tables on you. She grabs your camera and forces you to pull down your pants so that she can shoot a blackmail video of you jerking yourself off as she verbally humiliates you. Steffi is gonna show the world what a fist-fucking clown you are.

000463_02ctbikini_still_enlarged_0010_Layer 1 000463_02ctbikini_still_enlarged_0009_Layer 2 000463_02ctbikini_still_enlarged_0008_Layer 3 000463_02ctbikini_still_enlarged_0007_Layer 4 000463_02ctbikini_still_enlarged_0006_Layer 5 000463_02ctbikini_still_enlarged_0005_Layer 6 000463_02ctbikini_still_enlarged_0004_Layer 7 000463_02ctbikini_still_enlarged_0003_Layer 8 000463_02ctbikini_still_enlarged_0002_Layer 9 000463_02ctbikini_still_enlarged_0001_Layer 10 000463_02ctbikini_still_enlarged_0000_Layer 11

Princess Tiffani Commands You to Create a Worship Shrine to Her Beauty

Princess Tiffani knows you live to worship her exquisite body. Tiffani wants you to turn your loser room into a worship shrine to her beauty. Plaster your wall with Tiffani pix and screen caps. Then you can plaster your panties with love squirts as Tiffani giggles at how sad you are – and so easy to control. Get busy, puppet!

000466_08tiffshrine_still_enlarged_0006_layer1 000466_08tiffshrine_still_enlarged_0005_layer2 000466_08tiffshrine_still_enlarged_0004_layer3 000466_08tiffshrine_still_enlarged_0003_layer4 000466_08tiffshrine_still_enlarged_0002_layer5 000466_08tiffshrine_still_enlarged_0001_layer6 000466_08tiffshrine_still_enlarged_0000_layer7

Princess Becky Sez: Fake Pussy for a Real Wussy… YOU

Princess Becky enjoys teasing your little cock stiff and sputtering until you are so weak and stoopid you’ll do anything she commands. First Becky puts you thru a super-cruel tease and denial session. Then she forces you to fuck a fake pussy as she taunts you for being a virgin loser. Want the cum command? Prepare to have Becky laff in your face as you s-s-squirt!

000465_59bkfake_still_enlarged_0006_layer1 000465_59bkfake_still_enlarged_0005_layer2 000465_59bkfake_still_enlarged_0004_layer3 000465_59bkfake_still_enlarged_0003_layer4 000465_59bkfake_still_enlarged_0002_layer5 000465_59bkfake_still_enlarged_0001_layer6 000465_59bkfake_still_enlarged_0000_layer7

Amy and Becky Force You to Drain It into Your Doggie Dish

Amy caught you jerking off in her room! Now Amy and Becky are going to take control of your little cock by taking command of your cumloads. From now on when you want to cum you have to get on your knees and beg Amy and Becky to let you drain it into your doggie dish. If you want the cum command you’re going to have to lick boots, kiss ass and humiliate yourself!

000468_12abdog_still_enlarged_0012_layer1 000468_12abdog_still_enlarged_0011_layer2 000468_12abdog_still_enlarged_0010_layer3 000468_12abdog_still_enlarged_0009_layer4 000468_12abdog_still_enlarged_0008_layer5 000468_12abdog_still_enlarged_0007_layer6 000468_12abdog_still_enlarged_0006_layer7 000468_12abdog_still_enlarged_0005_layer8 000468_12abdog_still_enlarged_0004_layer9 000468_12abdog_still_enlarged_0003_layer10 000468_12abdog_still_enlarged_0002_layer11 000468_12abdog_still_enlarged_0001_layer12 000468_12abdog_still_enlarged_0000_layer13

Cuckysitter Aly Spanks You and Makes You Squirt Your Sissy Panties

Your cruel cheating wife hired college student Aly to ‘cuckysit’ you while she’s getting satisfied by a real man! Aly loves teasing you and making you suck. When Aly sees a stiffy in your sissy panties, she decides to spank you! But before you crawl across Aly’s lap to have your bare bumbum spanked, you have to squirt all the naughty sissy goo into your panties!

000467_64alyspank_still_enlarged_0002_Layer 6 000467_64alyspank_still_enlarged_0007_Layer 1 000467_64alyspank_still_enlarged_0006_Layer 2 000467_64alyspank_still_enlarged_0005_Layer 3 000467_64alyspank_still_enlarged_0004_Layer 4 000467_64alyspank_still_enlarged_0003_Layer 5 000467_64alyspank_still_enlarged_0001_Layer 7 000467_64alyspank_still_enlarged_0000_Layer 8

Your Sassy Slut Wife Nikki Cuckolds You with a Contractor’s Cum

Instead of paying off the contractor with the cash you gave her, your wife Nikki blew the wad on jewelry and paid the contractor in pussy. Now Nikki’s gonna rub your sorry submissive face in it. Beg to lick her creamy shaved snatch. Worm your nose up the backside of your dominant wife’s bikini bottoms. Want to spill a worship puddle for Nikki? Beg. Plead. Pathetic cuck wimp.

000470_48njcuck_still_enlarged_0012_lsyer1 000470_48njcuck_still_enlarged_0011_layer2 000470_48njcuck_still_enlarged_0010_layer3 000470_48njcuck_still_enlarged_0009_layer4 000470_48njcuck_still_enlarged_0008_layer5 000470_48njcuck_still_enlarged_0007_layer6 000470_48njcuck_still_enlarged_0006_layer7 000470_48njcuck_still_enlarged_0005_layer8 000470_48njcuck_still_enlarged_0004_layer9 000470_48njcuck_still_enlarged_0003_layer10 000470_48njcuck_still_enlarged_0002_layer11 000470_48njcuck_still_enlarged_0001_layer12 000470_48njcuck_still_enlarged_0000_layer13

Cheerleader Courtney Teases Your Loser DNA into Her Ankle Sock

Princess Courtney caught you with her cheerleading panties. She knows all your weaknesses now and can do anything she wants with you. Like forcing you to squirt your loser DNA into her ankle sock – the better to blackmail and control you with! Cum for Courtney as she mocks you with a cheer: ‘F-U-C-K-E-R! Fist fucker – that’s what you are!’

000469_34courtcheer_still_enlarged_0011_layer1 000469_34courtcheer_still_enlarged_0010_layer2 000469_34courtcheer_still_enlarged_0009_layer3 000469_34courtcheer_still_enlarged_0008_layer4 000469_34courtcheer_still_enlarged_0007_layer5 000469_34courtcheer_still_enlarged_0006_layer6 000469_34courtcheer_still_enlarged_0005_layer7 000469_34courtcheer_still_enlarged_0004_layer8 000469_34courtcheer_still_enlarged_0003_layer9 000469_34courtcheer_still_enlarged_0002_layer10 000469_34courtcheer_still_enlarged_0001_layer11 000469_34courtcheer_still_enlarged_0000_layer12

Cuckold Condom Cleanup Session for Miss Kendra’s Bullcock Boyfriend

Miss Kendra’s massively-endowed boyfriend knows all about you – that you’re a panty-wearing sissy cuckold. He thinks you’re a laughable little joke. He left you a pile of hot gooey presents from his last sex session with Kendra. And now Miss Kendra is going to use his cum-flooded condoms to put you in your place and humiliate you.

000472_23kencuck_still_enlarged_0009_layer1 000472_23kencuck_still_enlarged_0008_layer2 000472_23kencuck_still_enlarged_0007_layer3 000472_23kencuck_still_enlarged_0006_layer4 000472_23kencuck_still_enlarged_0005_layer5 000472_23kencuck_still_enlarged_0004_layer6 000472_23kencuck_still_enlarged_0003_layer7 000472_23kencuck_still_enlarged_0002_layer8 000472_23kencuck_still_enlarged_0001_layer9 000472_23kencuck_still_enlarged_0000_layer10

Princess Becky Forces You to Pull Yer Pinkydick and Slime Your Pillow

Becky refuses to let you nastybate unless you humiliate yourself. First Becky commands you to fuck your fist and beg to cum. Then she makes you mount your humpy pillow and uses the spike heel of her boot to humiliate you as she laughs at you. Don’t squirt out a worship puddle – unless you’re ready to have your loser load rubbed in your face by Becky!

000471_34bkhump_still_enlarged_0009_layer1 000471_34bkhump_still_enlarged_0008_layer2 000471_34bkhump_still_enlarged_0007_layer3 000471_34bkhump_still_enlarged_0006_layer4 000471_34bkhump_still_enlarged_0005_layer5 000471_34bkhump_still_enlarged_0004_layer6 000471_34bkhump_still_enlarged_0003_layer7 000471_34bkhump_still_enlarged_0002_layer8 000471_34bkhump_still_enlarged_0001_layer9 000471_34bkhump_still_enlarged_0000_layer10