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Cucky Consolation: Becky Lets You Cum in Her Boyfriend’s Used Condom

You can come out of the closet now, wussy. Becky’s boyfriend just finished the job you’re too feeble to do. Now you get to slide his massive cum-drenched condom over your worthless little winkie and squish his hot cum up and down your teensy shaft – as Becky laughs at you. This is the only way a runt-cock cuckold coward like you deserves to cum!

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Panty Humiliation and Pillow Humping with Princess Isobel

Princess Isobel is back and more slyly sadistic than ever! She breaks down your defenses, teases you into sissy panties, and coaxes you to humpycum into your own pillow! Loser! Then you have to smear your face into your puddle for Isobel! Eeew! Are you ready to be forced to make sissy-splash foofoo-face for sadistic Princess Isobel?

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Boot Goddess Siren Puppy-Trains Your Sputtering Little Pecker

Stop your whining and whimpering! Goddess Siren sees you staring up her skirt and slobbering over her thigh-high boots. She also sees your sputtering little pecker. Bad dog! You will learn to be Siren’s obedient little puppy. You will squirt into your doggie dish and lick it up on her command or you will be consequenced – severely!

000502_10sirpup_still_enlarged_0004_layer1 000502_10sirpup_still_enlarged_0003_layer2 000502_10sirpup_still_enlarged_0002_layer3 000502_10sirpup_still_enlarged_0001_layer4 000502_10sirpup_still_enlarged_0000_layer5

Miss Kendra Catches You Sniffing and Stroking Her Sexy Stockings

Aha! What a pathetic little worm you are. You know that Miss Kendra regards you as nothing but a simpering sexless sissy, so you steal her stockings to sniff and fondle. Well now you’ve gotten caught by Miss Kendra – wearing sexy white seamed fishnets – just as you’re about to soil her silky nylons with your sissy slime. Prepare to be emasculated, wussy.

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Princess Tiffani Humiliates You with Her Boyfriend’s Cum-Filled Condoms

What’s the most humiliating thing you could be forced to do with another man’s cum-loaded condoms? You are about to find out, sissy. Put on your panties for Princess Tiffani and prepare to have your alpha-male superior’s steamy skank smeared into your most private places. Then prepare for the most squishy-squirmy punishment of your pathetic little life!

000504_09tiffbf_still_enlarged_0005_layer1 000504_09tiffbf_still_enlarged_0004_layer3 000504_09tiffbf_still_enlarged_0003_layer4 000504_09tiffbf_still_enlarged_0002_layer5 000504_09tiffbf_still_enlarged_0001_layer6 000504_09tiffbf_still_enlarged_0000_layer7

Your Dominant Boss Selena Uses You to ‘Test’ Her Sexy Business Outfits

Your sadistic boss Selena loves to exploit your obvious weakness for her spike-heeled beauty. Today, she’s allowing you into her bedroom so you can get on your knees, unzip, and ‘test’ her sexy new business wardrobe. Whichever outfit makes your blueballs throb and your little cock sputter the most is the one she’ll wear to seduce that studly new client.

000503_01selot_still_enlarged_0005_layer1 000503_01selot_still_enlarged_0004_layer2 000503_01selot_still_enlarged_0003_layer3 000503_01selot_still_enlarged_0002_layer4 000503_01selot_still_enlarged_0001_layer5 000503_01selot_still_enlarged_0000_layer6

Intern Stacie Cuckolds You in Your Office and Makes You Kiss Her Ass

Your sexy intern intends on fucking the hot guy from the mailroom on your own desk, and there’s nothing you can do about it, wimp, except crawl in the cormer to watch – and cry for your creampie. Don’t even think about getting bossy, unless you want Stacie to email your creepy porn collection to every woman in the office. Your choice: blackmail or butt licking.

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L-O-S-E-R! Time to Make a Worship Puddle for Cheerleader Becky

Becky knows you love to fill your fist with loser-boy love squirts for her. So she sends you to your knees to taunt you with humiliating cheers and tease you in her sexy uniform – until the spunk starts to sputter from your laughable little weener. HA HA! Becky squirts her body lotion between your legs and gives you the cum countdown!

000505_53bkch_still_enlarged_0006_layer1 000505_53bkch_still_enlarged_0005_layer2 000505_53bkch_still_enlarged_0004_layer3 000505_53bkch_still_enlarged_0003_layer4 000505_53bkch_still_enlarged_0002_layer5 000505_53bkch_still_enlarged_0001_layer6 000505_53bkch_still_enlarged_0000_layer7

Miss Kendra Permits You to Cuckyfuck Your Humpypillow

You were an obedient little sissy cuck all week long for Miss Kendra. So now it’s time for your reward! Miss Kendra kicks your humpypillow out from the closet so you can give it a good cuckyhump while she towers over you and ridicules you. Kiss Miss Kendra’s polished toes and sissy-squirt your pillow. Hurry up, humpycucky, her boyfriend will be over any minute!

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Dani and Remi Fool You, Flip You, Strip You and Fuck You Up

Two sorority hotties get you sauced and seduce you up to their hotel room for a 2-on-1. When you arrive, they’re wearing sexy lingerie – and strap-on dildos. Tricked you, wussy! It’s going DOWN. in your mouth and up your ass all nite long – until you’re nuthin but a cockwhore. You are about to be stripped, slapped around, ‘n fucked up by Dani and Remi.

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