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Pumping Out the Worship Squirts for Boot Goddess Danielle

Princess Danielle loves the skin tight dress and fuck-me boots you bought for her. Now you get to have your five seconds of passion with Danielle – on your knees, into your fist – before her date arrives! HA HA! Don’t drool on Dani’s boots too badly, little mister outfit tester, or Danielle might not give you the cum command at all. 5… 4… 3… hee hee hee…

000530_13daniboot_still_enlarged_0005_layer1 000530_13daniboot_still_enlarged_0004_layer2 000530_13daniboot_still_enlarged_0003_layer3 000530_13daniboot_still_enlarged_0002_layer4 000530_13daniboot_still_enlarged_0001_layer5 000530_13daniboot_still_enlarged_0000_layer6

‘Look How Tiny U Are!’ … Pinky Dick Punishment with Princess Remi

Princess Remi rips the real-man condom off your sputtering little cock to put you through a ferociously mean pinky dick humiliation session. It’s time to unzip and present for Princess, you little stutterfuck, so Remi can flick you down to size and snap your pathetic little pecker into the pinky-size condom you were born to wear. Then you can jerk out your feeble fuckload for Remi.

000529_25remitiny_still_enlarged_0006_layer1 000529_25remitiny_still_enlarged_0005_layer2 000529_25remitiny_still_enlarged_0004_layer3 000529_25remitiny_still_enlarged_0003_layer4 000529_25remitiny_still_enlarged_0002_layer5 000529_25remitiny_still_enlarged_0001_layer6 000529_25remitiny_still_enlarged_0000_layer7

Cheerleader Amy Catches You Pulling Your Pathetic Peepster to Her

Princess Amy is BACK, loser! And you are sooo busted. Amy knows you adore and worship her, like the pathetic little wanna-be you are. But when she catches you about to spank out a worship puddle to her, she decides to blackmail and humiliate you by making you drain your wimpstick into her sweaty cheerleading panties!

000532_39amycheer_still_enlarged_0004_layer1 000532_39amycheer_still_enlarged_0003_layer2 000532_39amycheer_still_enlarged_0002_layer3 000532_39amycheer_still_enlarged_0001_layer4 000532_39amycheer_still_enlarged_0000_layer5

Miss Kendra: Black Glove Sissy Cummy Humiliation Session

You already know that when Miss Kendra pulls on her shiny black gloves that you’re going to be humiliated. Maybe you’ll have your face slapped. Maybe you’ll be violated and shamed like the naughty sissy you are. Maybe Miss Kendra will make you spit out the worship goo in the most humiliating way you can imagine.

000531_36kenglove_still_enlarged_0003_layer1 000531_36kenglove_still_enlarged_0002_layer2 000531_36kenglove_still_enlarged_0001_layer3 000531_36kenglove_still_enlarged_0000_layer4

Your Dominant Boss Selena Strips You of Your Bathroom Privileges

Your sexy young boss Selena found out what you do in the work restroom on company time, Mr. Jerky. So she’s taken away your restroom key! Now you have to meekly ask your boss for permission to do all your ‘business.’ No more fuckyfist for you – unless Selena commands you to strip, present, and demonstrate who owns you.

000534_22selrest_still_enlarged_0005_Layer 1 000534_22selrest_still_enlarged_0004_Layer 2 000534_22selrest_still_enlarged_0003_Layer 3 000534_22selrest_still_enlarged_0002_Layer 4 000534_22selrest_still_enlarged_0001_Layer 5 000534_22selrest_still_enlarged_0000_Layer 6

Princess Becky Locks and Leashes Your Little Cock

Princess Becky is pissed. You spend too much time at work and with wifey and not enuff time showering Princess with prezzies, boot licks and butt kisses. Unzip, loser. Princess is about to snap your little cock into a chastity cage – and run a pink leash thru your pantz! Then you’re gonna take Princess to the mall, as she drags you around by your cockleash!

000533_bk69chas_still_enlarged_0004_layer1 000533_bk69chas_still_enlarged_0003_layer2 000533_bk69chas_still_enlarged_0002_layer3 000533_bk69chas_still_enlarged_0001_layer4 000533_bk69chas_still_enlarged_0000_layer5