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Miss Cee Cee Trains You to Sissistrut in Lace Panties and Sky-hi Stilettos

Miss Cee Cee is the ultimate girly-girl. You yearn to be her boyfriend, but she likes you as her sissy. Cee Cee uses your laughable little crush on her to weaken your resolve, break down your boy-defenses and bring out your girlyside – so she can feminize you in frilly panties, strap you into sky-high stilettos, and train you to booty-tease the boys like a sexy sissy should.

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Worship Princess Lily’s Perfect Ass, You Pathetic Little Cock Loser

You really are a hopeless, hapless loser. Aren’t you. In the bedroom of an 18-year-old Asian princess and all she lets you do is kiss her ass cheeks – and stick your nose up her bikini bottoms. Princess Lily puts you thru a degrading butt worship session to remind you that pussy is for real men, and ass kissing and butt sniffing is for little cock loser-rejects. Like you.

000580_34lilybutt_still_enlarged_0007_layer1 000580_34lilybutt_still_enlarged_0006_layer2 000580_34lilybutt_still_enlarged_0005_layer3 000580_34lilybutt_still_enlarged_0004_layer4 000580_34lilybutt_still_enlarged_0003_layer5 000580_34lilybutt_still_enlarged_0002_layer6 000580_34lilybutt_still_enlarged_0001_layer7 000580_34lilybutt_still_enlarged_0000_layer8

Sinister Black Gloves and Public Face Slapping with Miss Kendra

Miss Kendra knows how the crackle and sheen of her elbow-length gloves snap you to attention. Kendra loves to wear her catsuit and dominatrix gear with you in public, to showcase your submissiveness to every laughing passerby. Now Kendra humiliates you with a public face slapping. Your cheeks are about to turn from shame-pink to humiliation-red.

000579_34kenglove_still_enlarged_0005_layer1 000579_34kenglove_still_enlarged_0004_layer2 000579_34kenglove_still_enlarged_0003_layer3 000579_34kenglove_still_enlarged_0002_layer4 000579_34kenglove_still_enlarged_0001_layer5 000579_34kenglove_still_enlarged_0000_layer6

Isobel Transforms You into a Sissy Slut to Make You Suck and Swallow

Bratty Isobel promised her boyfriend a sloppy nasty blowjob on his birthday – the same day she has a photoshoot! Instead of mussing her hair and makeup, Isobel decides to have her stylists transform you into a sissy slut, so that you can blow her BF. But first Isobel is going to teach you to suck and swallow like a submissive little slut. Ready for your ‘facial,’ missy?

000582_63isobj_still_enlarged_0007_layer1 000582_63isobj_still_enlarged_0006_layer2 000582_63isobj_still_enlarged_0005_layer3 000582_63isobj_still_enlarged_0004_layer4 000582_63isobj_still_enlarged_0003_layer5 000582_63isobj_still_enlarged_0002_layer6 000582_63isobj_still_enlarged_0001_layer7 000582_63isobj_still_enlarged_0000_layer8

Emasculation Session: Cruel Rhianna Challenges Your Manhood

Princess Rhianna puts on a negligee and summons you to her bedroom – not to please you, idiot. Rhianna wants you to see what you can’t have, as she cuts you down, lacerates your ego and ruthlessly details all your deficits, failures and weaknesses, right to your face. Rhianna challenges you to prove that you’re something more than a feeble fistfucking dork. LOL. Well?

000581_102rhiastop_still_enlarged_0004_layer1 000581_102rhiastop_still_enlarged_0003_layer2 000581_102rhiastop_still_enlarged_0002_layer3 000581_102rhiastop_still_enlarged_0001_layer4 000581_102rhiastop_still_enlarged_0000_layer5


Princess Selena Treats You Like the Filthy Dirty Pig You Are

Selena reduces you to a grunting, squealing mess as she snaps you into a pig snout and puts you through a humiliating body worship session. Selena allows you to worship only her nastiest parts – her armpits, her butt crack and the spaces between her toes. If you can make Selena laugh with your grunts and squeals, she might let you oink out a puddle of pig slop.

000584_65selpig_still_enlarged_0007_layer1 000584_65selpig_still_enlarged_0006_layer2 000584_65selpig_still_enlarged_0005_layer3 000584_65selpig_still_enlarged_0004_layer4 000584_65selpig_still_enlarged_0003_layer5 000584_65selpig_still_enlarged_0002_layer6 000584_65selpig_still_enlarged_0001_layer7 000584_65selpig_still_enlarged_0000_layer8

Spit Out the Sissy Shoe Goo for Your High Heel Goddess Tiffani

Thanks to Princess Tiffani, your pathetic little spitloads are useful for something other than fist-fucking, pillow-humping and worship puddles. Tiffani is trying on sexy shoes when she notices your sputtering stiffy. Tiffani sends you to your knees to cough up a fistful of ‘shoe goo’ – to wax her high heels! Squirt it out and lick it up for Princess, lowly shoe slave!

000583_11tiffshoe_still_enlarged_0005_layer1 000583_11tiffshoe_still_enlarged_0004_layer2 000583_11tiffshoe_still_enlarged_0003_layer3 000583_11tiffshoe_still_enlarged_0002_layer4 000583_11tiffshoe_still_enlarged_0001_layer5 000583_11tiffshoe_still_enlarged_0000_layer6


Princess Remi Puts You through the ‘Gum Cum’ Tease Challenge

After keeping you teased and totally denied, Princess Remi puts on a plaid skirt and ankle socks to bring you to the brink of agony. Remi laughs at your distress and bets one of her girlfriends that she could make you cum just by chewing a piece of gum. Think you can stay stiff like a man? Or will you flood your wimpy panties with puppy squirts for snarky Princess Remi?

000586_52remiFLgum_still_enlarged_0008_Layer 1 000586_52remiFLgum_still_enlarged_0007_Layer 2 000586_52remiFLgum_still_enlarged_0006_Layer 3 000586_52remiFLgum_still_enlarged_0005_Layer 4 000586_52remiFLgum_still_enlarged_0004_Layer 5 000586_52remiFLgum_still_enlarged_0003_Layer 6 000586_52remiFLgum_still_enlarged_0002_Layer 7 000586_52remiFLgum_still_enlarged_0001_Layer 8 000586_52remiFLgum_still_enlarged_0000_Layer 9