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You Were a Loser in School and Still a Fistfucking Fool for Kendra

Kendra was one of the most popular girls in school. Rich, beautiful and a total bitch. She made you feel every bit the geeky little nobody you were – and still are. You told all your friends that you hated cruel snobby Kendra. So why did you scream her name when you pumped your pillow with loser goo every night?… You’re still pumping it for Kendra. Aren’t you. Geek.

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Princess Isobel Catches You Masturbating and Finishes You Off

Wicked divabrat Princess Isobel has caught you masturbating – to her! HA HA! Now you have to do everything bratty Isobel commands. Isobel makes you loser-fuck a fake pussy as she puts you through a ferociously mean verbal humiliation session. Isobel intends on leaving your runt dick raw and your ego destroyed. Double session!

000588_36isoflesh_still_enlarged_0005_layer1 000588_36isoflesh_still_enlarged_0004_layer2 000588_36isoflesh_still_enlarged_0003_layer3 000588_36isoflesh_still_enlarged_0002_layer4 000588_36isoflesh_still_enlarged_0001_layer5 000588_36isoflesh_still_enlarged_0000_layer6

You Get to Help Stunning Princess Danielle Get Ready for Her Date

Danielle is trying on the sexy outfit you bought her – but it’s not for you, reject! Dani practically uses your loser boner as a clothes peg, while prepping to ditch you for a real man. Stop pouting! Dani needs you to be her outfit tester. You can pump out a worship puddle – if you wear your buttplug and remember your proper place: on your knees for Dani.

000587_15daniplug_still_enlarged_0007_layer1 000587_15daniplug_still_enlarged_0006_layer2 000587_15daniplug_still_enlarged_0005_layer3 000587_15daniplug_still_enlarged_0004_layer4 000587_15daniplug_still_enlarged_0003_layer5 000587_15daniplug_still_enlarged_0002_layer5 000587_15daniplug_still_enlarged_0001_layer6 000587_15daniplug_still_enlarged_0000_layer7


Your Stiffy Tease & Torment Session with Princess Tiffani

Princess Tiffani takes control of your sputtering pecker with a sweetly-sadistic tease and torment session. Tiffani intends on making sugardaddi melt in the palm of her pretty hand – until you’re helplessly subservient to Princess. If you’re good you’ll get your pecker tickled and kissed. But bad sugardaddies get flicked, pinched, stomped and…

000590_1tiffsug_still_enlarged_0004_layer1 000590_1tiffsug_still_enlarged_0003_layer2 000590_1tiffsug_still_enlarged_0002_layer3 000590_1tiffsug_still_enlarged_0001_layer4 000590_1tiffsug_still_enlarged_0000_layer5

Princess Aly Makes You Play The Cuckold Guessing Game

Princess Aly blackmails her way into your bedroom to tease and deny you – then fuck one of your rivals in your own bed while you listen to her muffled moans, locked in a dog crate. Aly unlocks you to put you through a humiliating body worship session. If you can taste who Aly fucked, she’ll allow you to cuckyfuck your fist while you french kiss her ass.

000589_3alycage_still_enlarged_0005_layer1 000589_3alycage_still_enlarged_0004_layer2 000589_3alycage_still_enlarged_0003_layer3 000589_3alycage_still_enlarged_0002_layer4 000589_3alycage_still_enlarged_0001_layer5 000589_3alycage_still_enlarged_0000_layer6

Miss Kendra Cuckolds You in Her Closet and Commands You to …?

After you spend the night in her closet, tending to her shoes and lingerie while she beds her boyfriend, Miss Kendra allows you to collect your reject’s reward: one of her boytoy’s loaded condoms! Miss Kendra makes you tug the XL rubber over your tiny nubber. Will she command you to spurt your spoogie into his massive manload after she finishes laffing at your peepster?

000592_11kencloset_still_enlarged_0007_layer1 000592_11kencloset_still_enlarged_0006_layer2 000592_11kencloset_still_enlarged_0005_layer3 000592_11kencloset_still_enlarged_0004_layer4 000592_11kencloset_still_enlarged_0003_layer5 000592_11kencloset_still_enlarged_0002_layer6 000592_11kencloset_still_enlarged_0001_layer7 000592_11kencloset_still_enlarged_0000_layer8


Your Wussy-Pussy Takes a Pounding from Princess Selena

Princess Selena returns from a night of rough sex to throw you down on the bed, strap on a dildo the size of her boyfriend’s cock and teach you the proper way to pound a pussy. But before Selena pops your cherry, you need to lube the cock. Will Selena command you to suck it? Or will she make you slime the cock with your own cum before she crams it up your ass?

000591_49selfuck_still_enlarged_0007_Layer 1 000591_49selfuck_still_enlarged_0006_Layer 2 000591_49selfuck_still_enlarged_0005_Layer 3 000591_49selfuck_still_enlarged_0004_Layer 4 000591_49selfuck_still_enlarged_0003_Layer 5 000591_49selfuck_still_enlarged_0002_Layer 6 000591_49selfuck_still_enlarged_0001_Layer 7 000591_49selfuck_still_enlarged_0000_Layer 8


Do It Like A Dirty Little Piggy for Brat Sadist Princess Isobel

Princess Isobel verbally demolishes your defenses and strips you of your dignity while strapping you into a pigsnout and ballgag. Squeal for Isobel, cause it’s time to play plug the pigtail on the loser! Isobel puts you through a degrading snort session before sending you to the filthy floor so you can humpyfuck the dirt and oink out the pigsnot for your cruel Princess.

000594_73isopig_still_enlarged_0008_layer1 000594_73isopig_still_enlarged_0007_layer2 000594_73isopig_still_enlarged_0006_layer3 000594_73isopig_still_enlarged_0005_layer4 000594_73isopig_still_enlarged_0004_layer5 000594_73isopig_still_enlarged_0003_layer6 000594_73isopig_still_enlarged_0002_layer7 000594_73isopig_still_enlarged_0001_layer8 000594_73isopig_still_enlarged_0000_layer9


Princess Cee Cee Tranforms You into Her Emasculated Sissy Maid

Glamour girl Cee Cee has noticed you nervously snooping around her high fashion custom lingerie shop. Cee Cee knows you’re shopping for yourself, Miss Fumble Fingers. Now Cee Cee has decided to turn you into her personal sissy maid. If you can’t meet Cee Cee’s impossibly high standard of feminine perfection, you will be humiliated in front of her fashionista girlfriends.

000593_ceecee01_still_enlarged_0007_layer1 000593_ceecee01_still_enlarged_0006_layer2 000593_ceecee01_still_enlarged_0005_layer3 000593_ceecee01_still_enlarged_0004_layer4 000593_ceecee01_still_enlarged_0003_layer5 000593_ceecee01_still_enlarged_0002_layer6 000593_ceecee01_still_enlarged_0001_layer7 000593_ceecee01_still_enlarged_0000_layer8

10… 9… 8… You Are Princess Remi’s Pathetic Little Choker

If ‘humiliation’ is having to watch gorgeous Princess Remi try on sexy lingerie for her boyfriend while she belittles you, what would you call it when Remi sees that lonely little stub sticking up in your pants? Remi sends you to your knees and gives you ten seconds to choke out a worship puddle at her feet, before she ditches you for her boyfriend. Hurry up, little choker!

000596_remiFLchoke_still_enlarged_0008_layer1 000596_remiFLchoke_still_enlarged_0007_layer2 000596_remiFLchoke_still_enlarged_0006_layer3 000596_remiFLchoke_still_enlarged_0005_layer4 000596_remiFLchoke_still_enlarged_0004_layer5 000596_remiFLchoke_still_enlarged_0003_layer6 000596_remiFLchoke_still_enlarged_0002_layer7 000596_remiFLchoke_still_enlarged_0001_layer8 000596_remiFLchoke_still_enlarged_0000_layer9